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Changes to Special TAA Tools
The following changes occurred in the special TAA Tools (e.g.

-   Because the source for TAA Tools is now shipped in an compressed
    archive, new commands are provided to work with the source in the
    archive. This includes:

         WRKTAA         Work TAA Archive
         DSPTAA         Display TAA Member
         CPYTAA         Copy TAA Member
         CPYTAA2        Copy TAA Member - all source for a tool
         CPYTAAALL      Copy TAA All - all of a source type
         DSPTAA         Scan TAA Member
         RTVTAAD        Retrieve TAA Member Description

    Standard QATTxxx source files are created in TAATOOL for use in
    copying source. If you want all of the source in normal source
    members, use CPYTAAALL for each source type. This will require a
    significant amount of storage (over 100 million bytes).

    You may also copy individual members out of the TAA archive and
    place them in any normal source file with the CPYTAA command.

    The following commands still exist, but only operate on normal
    source files (not the source in the TAA Archive):

         CRTTAATOOL     Create TAA Tool
         DSPTAATOOL     Display TAA Tool (see exception)
         CPYTAATOOL     Copy TAA Tool
         DLTTAATOOL     Delete TAA Tool
         DSPTAAMBR      Display TAA Member
         SCNTAATOOL     Scan TAA Tool

-   The DSPTAATOOL command defaults to display the tool in QATTINFO in
    TAATOOL. If the member cannot be found, DSPTAA is used for the
    tool name.

-   Only object code (no source code) is shipped for the new TAA
    commands that work with the TAA archive and the CRTTAATOOL
    command. Other TAA commands are shipped with both object and

-   The CRTTAATOOL command requires a user with *ALLOBJ special
    authority to re-create any tools.

    The CRTTAATOOL command no longer supports the TOOL(*ALL) function
    to create all of the tools. Since object code is shipped for all
    of the tools, the need to create all of the tools is no longer
    needed. Individual tools can still be created with CRTTAATOOL.

    The SRCLIB parameter is now required (no longer defaults to
    TAATOOL). To extract the source from the archive, one of the
    CPYTAA commands must be used. You can copy the source to the
    QATTxxx files in TAATOOL, but you should not use these source
    files to modify tools. Instead, you should create a separate
    library so that your source changes are retained for the next
    release of the TAA Productivity Tools. See the CRTTAASRCF command
    for how to modify tools.

    The CRTFILLIB parameter has been dropped from the CRTTAATOOL
    command of QUSRTOOL. Instead of creating files when individual
    tools are created, special CRT commands now exist to allow you to
    create the control files needed by certain tools.

    The new CRT commands are:

          Command         Tool
          -------         ----

          CRTJOBSCH       JOBSCH
          CRTMSGCTL       MSGCTL
          CRTSPLCTL       SPLCTL
          CRTSRCCTL       SRCCTL

    If you have existing files without any data in a library that was
    specified for CRTFILLIB, you may delete them.

    If you have existing files with data in a library that was
    specified for CRTFILLIB, you may continue to use your file, but it
    must be on the library list for most of the commands.

    The CMDLIB parameter has been removed from the CRTTAATOOL command.
    The TAACTL data area in TAATOOL is accessed to determine your
    command library. If your command library is other than TAATOOL, a
    second version of any commands created by the tool will be placed
    in your command library.

    The two methods of creating a separate command library are at
    install time or with the DUPTAACMD tool.

    The LOG parameter has been added to CRTTAATOOL. This controls the
    logging of commands in CL programs. Some CL programs are always
    LOG(*NO) either for security reasons or to reduce the amount of
    potential logging. The tools are created using the default of

-   The TAASUMMARY member now only contains one paragraph
    descriptions. The tools by category function has been removed in
    favor of the DSPTAACAT and PRTTAACAT commands. Either command lets
    you see the tools by category such as *JOBD, *SPL, *RPG, etc.

-   The CPYTAATOOL command no longer supports the TOOLID(*ALL)

-   The DSPTAACMD tool still operates in the same manner. The function
    of building the TAA commands into the TAATOLFP file has been
    removed. A fully loaded TAATOLFP file is shipped in TAATOOL. The
    function of adding other commands to TAATOLFP or creating separate
    TAATOLFP files still exists.

-   The RTVRELID tool supports special parameters to return the status
    of the TAA Productivity Tool product. The parameters have changed.
    See the section on Incompatible Changes.

Copyright TAA Tools, Inc. 1995, 2021

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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