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CRTTAATOOL          CREATE TAA TOOL                         TAATOLA

The  Create TAA  Tool  command  creates the  objects  for a  named  TAA
Productivity Tool.

       *                                                    *
       *      Because the object form of the tools are      *
       *      shipped with the TAA Productivity Tools       *
       *      (in addition to source), there is far less    *
       *      need for CRTTAATOOL than when the TAA         *
       *      Tools were part of i5/OS QUSRTOOL and         *
       *      only source was shipped.                      *
       *                                                    *

CRTTAATOOL may be useful to:

  **   Allow  the creation  of certain  tools  that require  changes to
       the  source before the  tools can be used  (The vast majority of
       tools do not require any changes).

  **   Allow the  modification  of tools.   Since  the  source is  also
       shipped  with the  TAA Productivity  Tools, you  can  access the
       source,  make changes, and then use  CRTTAATOOL to re-create the
       modified version.

A typical command would be:


Only a user with *ALLOBJ special authority can re-create a tool.

The TAACTL area in  TAATOOL is accessed to  determine the name of  your
command library.   If the tool has  one or more commands,  a version of
the  commands is always  created in TAATOOL.   If your  command library
is other than TAATOOL, a second  version of any commands is created  in
your command  library.   The  command library  can only  be changed  at
install time or by use of the DUPTAACMD command.

Some tools  use RPG code.   To re-create  these tools requires  the RPG
compiler  exist on  your system.   If  you do  not need to  re-create a
tool, you can  use the object  form of any  RPG program without  having
the RPG licensed product installed on your system.

Only the  object form  of CRTTAATOOL is  shipped (no source  exists for
the tool).

Modifying and re-creating a tool

The  source for  the tools  is shipped  in the TAA  Archive.   You must
copy  the  source  from  the  archive  to  source  files  in  order  to
re-create a tool.

The  recommended  solution for  modifying  and  re-creating a  tool  is
described  with the  CRTTAASRCF  tool.   CRTTAASRCF lets  you  create a
QATTxxx source files in a library so that changes can be made.

Some tools are  used frequently  as prerequisite  tools and  CRTTAATOOL
is restricted for  these tools for  integrity purposes.   If CRTTAATOOL
is attempted  on one of  these tools, messages will  be sent describing
how to make modification.

You  should avoid using the source files  in the TAATOOL library as the
data will be overlaid  on a new release  of the TAA Productivity  Tools
and you would lose the changes that you have made.

You should  avoid using  CRTCMD, CRTCLPGM, etc.   directly  against the
TAA source.  Using the CRTTAATOOL command is preferred because:

  **   Some  of  the  CRT  commands  that  are  run  by CRTTAATOOL  use
       special parameters  for  various  functions  such  as  security,
       help text, etc.

  **   Some of the  object creation steps require  temporary objects be
       created  or a specific  sequence of steps.   CRTTAATOOL performs
       these steps correctly.

  **   Some tools  require  prerequisite  tools.    CRTTAATOOL  does  a
       better  job  for  checking for  the  existence  of  these  tools
       rather than having the compiler or run time code fail.


The DUPTAPIN  tool uses PL/1  object code.   The object code  exists in
TAATOOL.    CRTTAATOOL  does  not  create  the  PL/1  object  code  for
DUPTAPIN (it does  create the commands  and CL programs).   You do  not
need the PL/1 compiler to be able to use DUPTAPIN.


The  majority of  code can  be  created with  standard i5/OS  functions
such  as the CL compiler  and DDS.   Many of the  tools require the RPG

Many TAA tools require  the use of other TAA  tools.  For example,  the
EDTVAR tool is used by many different tools.

The dependent  tools are  described in  the 'Prerequisites' section  of
each  tool description.  When  you use CRTTAATOOL for  a specific tool,
the command first ensures that the  dependent tools already exist.   If
not, the request is rejected.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   TOOL          The tool you want to create.

   SRCLIB        The  source library  name.    The default  is  *TAAARC
                 which  means   that  QATTxxx  source   files  will  be
                 created  in QTEMP,  the members  for the  tool will be
                 copied from  the TAA Archive  to QTEMP,  and the  tool

                 If  a library  is named,  you should  avoid specifying
                 TAATOOL   and  use  your   own  library  as  described
                 previously and in the CRTTAASRCF tool description.

   RMVOBS        A *YES/*NO parameter that  defaults to *YES to  remove
                 the observability  of the  programs.  This  means that
                 the  program cannot  be debugged  nor can  a formatted
                 dump occur.    This  results in  a  significant  space
                 saving.   If  you  need to  debug  one of  the  tools,
                 recreate it with RMVOBS(*NO).

   ALWRTVSRC     A  *YES/*NO  parameter that  defaults  to *NO  meaning
                 the   CL  source  will  not  be  stored  with  the  CL
                 programs and therefore  cannot be retrieved  using the
                 RTVCLSRC command.   This saves about 15%  space in the
                 object  sized  of  the  programs.    The  *YES  option
                 stores the  source with  the  CL programs  and  allows
                 for retrieval with the RTVCLSRC command.

   LOG           A  *YES/*NO parameter  that  defaults  to *NO  meaning
                 the  commands  will not  be logged  from  CL programs.
                 Some tools  are always  created with  LOG(*NO)  either
                 for  security  reasons or  to  reduce  potential  high

   INCLIB        A  list  of  up   to  three  libraries  that  will  be
                 searched   for  includes.     During  the  compilation
                 process the  library list  will be  the SRCLIB,  these
                 libraries,  QTEMP,  and QGPL.    The  library list  is
                 restored when the command completes.


None, the tool is ready to use.

Object only tool

CRTTAATOOL  is shipped in object form only.   The source does not exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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