TAA Tools

The Display  TAA Categories command  displays a subfile  of tools in  a
category  such as *SPL  or *SRC.   After you  select a tool,  a display
provides  options  for displaying  the  member heading  information and
displaying/printing of  the  tool description.   Options  on  DSPTAACAT
assist you in finding the correct category.

A typical command would be entered as:


A  subfile of  words  to help  you  find the  right  category of  tools
appears.   You  may  select one  of the  words as  if you  had directly
entered the  category  name.    For  example, if  you  enter  the  word
'allocate'  you would  see the  categories  that have  something to  do
with  this word.   If you  select one of  the categories, you  will see
the tools that are associated with that category.

If you already know the category, you can enter it directly such as:

           DSPTAACAT   *JOBD

This would  display  all  of  the  TAA  Tools  (and/or  commands)  that
operate on job description object types.

When the subfile  of tools is  displayed, the categories  you specified
appear  as changeable  values  at  the top  of  the display.    You may
modify  these or add  additional categories.   Specifying more than one
category can reduce the number of tools that you have to review.

The special  value  *CATEG may  be entered  to select  from  a list  of
valid categories such as:

          DSPTAACAT   *CATEG

Up to 5 categories may be selected.

Some  tools appear  in multiple  categories.   For a  full list  of the
categories, use:


  **   The ?  function on the parameter or


Popularity tool levels

The  tools are  arranged  by 'popularity  level' within  each category.
If you take  the defaults,  you will  see only the  most popular  tools
(Level 1).

When the display appears,  you can use F11 to request both  Level 1 and
Level  2 tools to be  shown (if Level 2  tools exist).  The  top of the
display  describes  how  many  tools  exist  for  each  level  for  the
category.  F11 may be  used again to display all tools  (all levels) if
Level 3 tools exist.

Some  users  may prefer  to  see  all of  the  tools  anytime they  use
DSPTAACAT.   When the display of tools  by category appears, F21 may be
used for a  prompt to set the  default level.  If  you want to see  all
tools all the time, enter a 3 for Level 3.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   CATEGORY      The category  to be displayed.   The default  is *WORD
                 to  display a  list  of the  words that  represent the
                 TAA Tool  categories.    You  can select  one  of  the
                 words  and  the  corresponding category.    You  would
                 then see a display of the tools for that category.

                 You  can use  the special  value  *CATEG to  display a
                 subfile  of  all  of   the  categories  and  allow   a
                 selection of  up  to 5  categories.   Using more  than
                 one  category can  minimize the  number of  tools that
                 will  be  shown in  the subfile.    A tool  must match
                 each  category  specified  to  be  displayed   in  the

                 You  can  also  enter  a  specific  category  such  as

   INLLVL        The  initial Popularity  Level to  be displayed.   All
                 tools are  graded as  to their  Popularity Level  with
                 Level 1 as the most popular.

                 The  default for  INLLVL is  *DFT which  means to  use
                 the  default   level  assigned  to  the  current  user

                 If you have  not changed your  default level, you  are
                 assigned Level  1 meaning you  will only see  the most
                 popular  tools  when  the display  initially  appears.
                 Different  levels  can be  accessed  by using  the F11
                 key when the display of tools by category appears.

                 A different  default level  can be  assigned by  using
                 F21  when  the  display  of  tools  by  categories  is
                 displayed.   For example,  you may specify  Level 3 so
                 that you will always see  all of the tools whenever  a
                 category is displayed.

                 You  may   also  enter   a  value   into  the   INLLVL
                 parameter.    If  INLLVL(1)  is  displayed,  you  will
                 initially see only the Level 1 tools.

                 INLLVL(2) may be specified  to initially display  both
                 Level 1 and Level 2 tools.

                 INLLVL(3) may  be specified  to initially display  all


Because DSPTAACAT uses  a display, the command may  only be used in the
interactive environment.


Not a consideration as only the object form exists on your system.


None, the tool is ready to use.

Object only tool

DSPTAACAT  is shipped in object  form only.  The  source does not exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools May 1, 1996

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