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Date of this refresh -- Jun 15, 2022

The following tools have been added to the TAA Productivity Tools within the past few years.

If you already have TAA Tools installed on your system, you will need to refresh your current release or upgrade if you have changed your IBM i release to take advantage of the latest tools.

Follow these instructions to determine your current TAA Productivity Tools refresh level.

If you do not have a license to the tools, we hope this list will help you decide to obtain one. New tools are being developed and added to the product on a regular basis.

Click the tool name for a brief description of the tool. Click the definition for the full documentation.

Tool Name Definition Date Added
RUNTAABLDR Run a builder to create a TAA tool June 15, 2022
CPYSRCFIFS Copy source file members to IFS stream files June 15, 2022
RTVJOBSPLC Retrieve the number of spooled files created by a job May 15, 2021
CPUMON Monitor CPU usage May 15, 2021
CVTACCPTH Produce an outfile of database files with 4GB access paths April 15, 2020
CVTCERT Produce an outfile of certificates nearing expiration April 15, 2020
CVTENVVAR Convert environment variables to an outfile August 15, 2019
CMPENVVAR Compare a set of environment variables to another set August 15, 2019
ADDDSTLE2 Add distribution list entries like another user October 15, 2018
FNDMSGID Find the message file given a message ID October 15, 2018
SCNALLDSTL Scan distribution lists for a user ID October 15, 2018
RTVJOBOUTQ Resolves and retrieves the output queue of a job April 15, 2018
GENRANPWD2 Generate a random password using system values April 15, 2018
DSPFCNUSG2 Display a summary of function point usage October 15, 2017
ENDSBS3 End multiple subsystems October 15, 2017
WRKACTGRP Work with all activation groups in the current job October 15, 2017
RTVQATTD Retrieves the name and description of a QATT source file April 15, 2017
VRYVRTDSP Varies virtual displays on or off as requested April 15, 2017
DMOSUBF7 A simplified example of subfiles written for ILE RPG November 15, 2016
DMOUIM An example of using the UIM list capability from ILE RPG November 15, 2016
DSPACTJOB2 Displays active non-system jobs sorted by CPU% November 15, 2016
ENDJOBWOL Ends jobs that are holding a lock on a particular object November 15, 2016
RTVRELMTH Retrieves interesting dates from a month relative to another November 15, 2016
WRKDBFUNIT Provides a work display for preferred storage unit settings April 15, 2016
PRTPRFUSR Lists *ALLOBJ profiles and profiles with *USE to that profile October 15, 2015
CVTTCPJOB Converts information about jobs connected to a TCP port April 15, 2015
CPYSPLF4 Copies and splits a spool file by number of pages October 15, 2014
DSPSYSPTN Displays system partition information October 15, 2014
DSPUSRAUT4 Displays objects that are not authorized to a user October 15, 2014
SCNDBF Scans database file records for strings October 15, 2014
WRKOUTQ3 Provides extended capabilities over the system WRKOUTQ October 15, 2014
CHGMAXMBR Changes max member size based on a percentage January 15, 2014
CHGMSGQ2 Changes one or multiple message queue objects January 15, 2014
CHGOBJD4 Assists when handling multiple object type changes January 15, 2014
CHGSAVF2 Changes one or multiple save file objects January 15, 2014
CHGUSRPWD3 Changes a password and checks password rules January 15, 2014
CNFDLTARA Provides confirmation prompt before delete of *DTAARA January 15, 2014
CPYDIRE Copies from one directory entry to another January 15, 2014
CPYSHFSPLF Copies a spooled file and shifts left or right January 15, 2014
CVTALLSPCA Converts special authorities to an outfile January 15, 2014
DEBUG Documentation only to describe a testing aid January 15, 2014
DSPALLDTAT Displays data types used January 15, 2014
DSPALLSPCA Displays all special authorities for a user January 15, 2014
DSPDBFJOIN Displays data base join files January 15, 2014
DSPDUPKEY Displays duplicate keys in a data base file January 15, 2014
DSPMSG2 Displays messages with selection criteria January 15, 2014
FIXALLSRC Scans and fixes source based on existing and new value January 15, 2014
FNDUSRATR Finds objects with specified user attribute January 15, 2014
HLDJOBUNTL Holds a job until a specified time January 15, 2014
LOCKWAIT Sends messages if jobs are in LCKW status January 15, 2014
MTNJRN2 Maintains one or more journals (delete old receivers) January 15, 2014
RMVMSGD2 Removes a range of message IDs from a message file January 15, 2014
RTVJOBCMP Retrieves a job completion status using either JOBACG or QHST January 15, 2014
SNDPGMMSG4 Test function for reading the text of a sent message January 15, 2014
WRKIFS2 Provides display only options similar to WRKLNK January 15, 2014
CHGDBFINC Changes the increments allowed for a file based on status October 15, 2013
CHGJOBQ2 Changes one or more parameters for multiple job queues October 15, 2013
CHGLF2 Changes one or more parameters for multiple logical files October 15, 2013
CHKMBRSPE Checks the spelling of member text for one or more files October 15, 2013
CHKOBJSPE Checks the spelling of object text for one or more objects October 15, 2013
CHKSRCTYP3 Checks a source type against the Pgmr Menu supported values October 15, 2013
CHKTAAQSYS Checks for identical command names in TAATOOL and QSYS October 15, 2013
CHKUSRGRP Checks if a user is a member of a group profile October 15, 2013
CMPLIBAUT Compares library default authority to objects in the library October 15, 2013
CRTGENOBJ Creates additional generic objects based on a starting object October 15, 2013
CVTJOBLOG2 Creates an outfile of completed jobs with the completion code October 15, 2013
CVTMONEY A series of commands to calculate various money functions October 15, 2013
DLTUNULIB Deletes unused libraries with several options October 15, 2013
DSPDUPJBQE Displays duplicate job queue entries in different subsystems October 15, 2013
DSPGRPPRFI Displays whether a user profile is a group profile October 15, 2013
DSPNONUSE Displays objects that have not been used October 15, 2013
DSPOBJEXCP Displays objects with exceptions such as storage freed October 15, 2013
DSPOWNOBJ Displays owned objects with more information than DSPUSRPRF October 15, 2013
DSPUNQKEY Displays the unique keys for a file October 15, 2013
DSPUNQKEYT Displays the number of records for each unique key in a file October 15, 2013
DUPFILFMT2 Duplicates a file format to a new file October 15, 2013
MOVALLOBJ Moves all objects from one library to another October 15, 2013
RMVTRLNULL Removes trailing nulls from a variable October 15, 2013
RTVGRPPRFI Retrieves an indication of whether a user is a group profile October 15, 2013
RTVNXTNAM Retrieves the next name to be used in a generic sequence October 15, 2013
SCNCLPTAA Scans CLP source for the use of TAA commands October 15, 2013
SCNDDSSRC Scans DDS source for various attributes October 15, 2013
SCNMBRA Scans member header information for various attributes October 15, 2013
SCNSAVFA Scans save file objects for various attributes October 15, 2013
SWPLIBLE Swaps two library positions in the current library list October 15, 2013
CHGOUTQ2 Change some parameters for multiple output queues July 15, 2013
CHGPGM2 Change some parameters for multiple programs July 15, 2013
CHKTAACHG2 Checks for changes in TAATOOL after the install date July 15, 2013
CMPIFSED Compares attributes of IFS objects July 15, 2013
CMPSGNUSE Lists profiles that have been used after last signon date July 15, 2013
CMPSTMF Compares data in two stream files July 15, 2013
CVTDISTANC Converts from one distance to another such as meters to yards July 15, 2013
CVTOBJAUTD Converts individual authorities to a value such as *CHANGE July 15, 2013
CVTOUTQDTQ Converts data queue entries caused by DTAQ parm on CHGOUTQ July 15, 2013
CVTRCDLCK Converts record locks held by multiple jobs on a file/member July 15, 2013
DLTOLDOBJ Deletes objects based on number of days after the create July 15, 2013
DSPCMDKWD2 Displays a simple list of the keywords for a command July 15, 2013
DSPMSGDAT Displays messages with date and time from a message queue July 15, 2013
EDTDTAQ Edits character data in a non-keyed data queue July 15, 2013
RMVENDPER Removes ending period in message to allow bubble up of message July 15, 2013
RNMGENOBJ Renames generic objects July 15, 2013
RTVFLROBJ Retrieves folder information based on DSPOBJD name July 15, 2013
RTVJOBSTSL Provides a simple loop until a different job reaches a status July 15, 2013
SCNEXTDTA Retrieves a value following a scan value in a variable July 15, 2013
SORTSRC Sorts source by statement number to a temporary file July 15, 2013
WRKUSRAUT Work display for user authorizations excluding owned objects July 15, 2013
CHGCLS2 Allows changes to one or more *CLS objects April 15, 2013
CHGDSPF2 Allows changes to one or more *DSPF objects April 15, 2013
CHGDTAQD2 Allows changes to one or more *DTAQ objects April 15, 2013
CHGJOBD2 Allows changes to one or more *JOBD objects April 15, 2013
CHKDUPSPLF Checks for duplicate spooled file IDs April 15, 2013
CHKIFSSAV Checks IFS objects for 'Need to be archived' April 15, 2013
CHKMLTMBR Checks multi-member data files for member counts April 15, 2013
CLRMSGQ2 Clears from one or more message queues based on retain hours April 15, 2013
CPYDBFDTAQ Copies from a data base file to a data queue April 15, 2013
CPYDTAQ Copies from one data queue to another April 15, 2013
CPYNEWSRCM Copies new members from one source file to another April 15, 2013
CPYSPCDBF Copies from a user space to a data base file April 15, 2013
DLTLIB3 Same as DLTLIB, but cleans up low level messages April 15, 2013
DLTOWNOBJ Deletes objects owned by a user April 15, 2013
DSPAPYPTF Displays objects that have been updated by a PTF April 15, 2013
DSPDUPPRFA Displays user profiles with the same specific attribute April 15, 2013
DSPLSTPWDC Displays the last password change date for one or more users April 15, 2013
DSPMSGCNT Displays a count of messages in message queues April 15, 2013
MOVCRTDAT Moves objects based on a range of create dates April 15, 2013
MOVMSGD Moves message descriptions from one message file to another April 15, 2013
ACTDLTRCD Adds or deletes one record based on a relative record number January 15, 2013
ADDGRPPRF Adds a group profile to a list of profiles January 15, 2013
ADDINZRCD Adds one or more initialized records to a file January 15, 2013
CHGPRFPUB Changes user profiles to the *PUBLIC authority of objects January 15, 2013
CHGPRFPUB2 Changes user profiles to the *PUBLIC authority of IFS objects January 15, 2013
CLCLRGVAR Allows arithmetic in CL for up to 30 byte *CHAR variables January 15, 2013
CMPDAT2 Compares a date +/- a number of days to the current date January 15, 2013
CRTALLPRX Creates proxy commands for QSYS or TAATOOL commands January 15, 2013
CRTINZRCD Creates one initialized record from an existing file January 15, 2013
CVTIFSDAUT Convert values such as *RX from RTVIFSEAUT/CVTIFSEAUT values January 15, 2013
CVTOBJAUT Creates an outfile of authorities from one or more objects January 15, 2013
DSPFMTSEQ Displays a file format in various sequences such as field name January 15, 2013
DSPOBJDMG Displays object damage based on API information January 15, 2013
DSPTRGSTS Displays the status of programs for one or more files January 15, 2013
EXPFIL Provides a deletion of files based on an expiration date January 15, 2013
RTVMSGD3 Returns information about a message ID in a message file January 15, 2013
SCNDBFFLD2 Allows scanning for multiple fields and multiple values January 15, 2013
TRGSAMPLE Provides sample code and discussion of writing a trigger pgm January 15, 2013
UPDPFILE2 Updates LF source for the same PF with a qualified name January 15, 2013
WRKOWNOBJ Provides a work display for the objects owned by a user January 15, 2013
CLRJOBQ2 Clears selected jobs from a job queue October 15, 2012
CLROUTQ3 Clears selected spooled files from an output queue October 15, 2012
CPYMSG Copies messages from one external message queue to another October 15, 2012
CPYPGMQM Copies messages from the current pgm MSGQ to an external MSGQ October 15, 2012
CVTJRNRCVD Converts the journal receivers for a journal to an outfile October 15, 2012
CVTOBJD6 Converts object descriptions (not the size) to an outfile October 15, 2012
DSPEMTAUTL Displays authorization lists that do control any objects October 15, 2012
DSPEMTMSGF Displays message files without any message IDs October 15, 2012
DSPEMTSAVF Displays save files without any saved objects October 15, 2012
DSPEMTSPC Displays user space objects that contain the initialized value October 15, 2012
DSPIPLHST Displays IPL history from the CVTQHST2 converted file October 15, 2012
DSPOBJ2 Provides fast display of objects with only display options October 15, 2012
DSPPTFSAVF Displays a summary of PTF objects October 15, 2012
DSPWTR Displays one or more writers with display only options October 15, 2012
DSPWTRSTS Displays the status of a writer with display only options October 15, 2012
DUPCHAR Duplicates a string to a large return variable October 15, 2012
EDTLRGVAR Edits up to a 30 character variable containing a decimal value October 15, 2012
SCNQHST Scans the file created by CVTQHST2 for a string October 15, 2012
WRKJOBQ2 Provides a work display for multiple JOBQs in a library October 15, 2012
WRKROMNUM Provides a function to convert to and from Roman numerals October 15, 2012
ADDHEX Adds hex or decimal values and returns hex and/or decimal July 15, 2012
CHGDTAQD Changes some attributes of a data queue July 15, 2012
CHGFUNCNAM Changes the function name displayed on WRKACTJOB July 15, 2012
CHKCCSID Checks objects for the same CCSID July 15, 2012
CHKDEC Checks a variable to ensure it contains valid decimal data July 15, 2012
CHKJOBSTS Checks for the status of a job July 15, 2012
CHK1STMBR Checks that the first member and the file names are the same July 15, 2012
CLRGENSRC Clears generic source members in one or more files July 15, 2012
CVTJRNOBJ Converts the objects being journaled to a data base file July 15, 2012
DLTGENPRF Deletes profiles based on a generic name July 15, 2012
DLTLSTUSE Deletes objects based on the last used date July 15, 2012
DSPEMTLIB Displays libraries that have no objects July 15, 2012
DSPJRNOBJC Displays a summary count by type of objects being journaled July 15, 2012
DSPNETSVRA Displays the i5/OS NetServer attributes July 15, 2012
DSPNETSVRS Displays the i5/OS NetServer current statistics July 15, 2012
RTVCCSIDPF Retrieves the CCSID used by a physical file July 15, 2012
RTVJRNOBJC Retrieves the summary count by type of objects being journaled July 15, 2012
RTVNETSVRA Retrieves the i5/OS NetServer attributes July 15, 2012
RTVNETSVRS Retrieves the i5/OS NetServer statistics July 15, 2012
WRKADDHEX Provides a work display for adding hex and decimal values July 15, 2012
ADJTIM Adjusts time of day clock using slow changing API April 15, 2012
ANZCLPCMD Analyzes CL source as converted by CVTCLPCMD April 15, 2012
CHKLVLMSG Allows monitoring for a diagnostic message April 15, 2012
CMPDBF3 Compares entire record data between two members April 15, 2012
CPYFRMSTM2 Front end to CPYFRMSTMF with simple object prompt April 15, 2012
CPYSPLF3 Splits a spooled file into multiple sub spooled files April 15, 2012
CPYTOFLAT Converts an externally described file to a human readable form April 15, 2012
CPYTOSTMF2 Front end to CPYTOSTMF with simple object prompt April 15, 2012
CVTAUTLOBJ Converts one or more Auth List controlled objects to outfile April 15, 2012
CVTCLPCMD Converts CL commands to a data base file to allow analysis April 15, 2012
CVTOBJDAT Converts DSPOBJD outfile MMDDYY dates to CYYMMDD format April 15, 2012
DSPAUTLOB2 Displays object authorities for Auth List controlled objects April 15, 2012
DSPCLPCMD Displays where a command exists using the CVTCLPCMD outfile April 15, 2012
DSPDBFFLD Displays attributes of a field from a data base file April 15, 2012
DSPLIBAUT Displays authorities to one or more objects in a library April 15, 2012
DSPTIMADJ Displays the current status of a time adjustment from ADJTIM April 15, 2012
RMVEQLSRC Removes source members from a test file if equal to production April 15, 2012
SBMFTPCMD Submits a single command using FTP to another System i April 15, 2012
SNDOBJMAIL Sends an object as an Email attachment April 15, 2012
SNDSPLPDF Sends a spooled file as a PDF April 15, 2012
ANZOUTQ Analyzes and summarizes the spooled files in an output queue January 15, 2012
CHG128PWD Allows a 128 byte password to be replicated on another system January 15, 2012
CHKAUDLOGP Ensures the AUDLOGP file is only changed by CVTAUDLOG January 15, 2012
CHKJOBACGP Ensures the JOBACGP file is only changed by CVTJOBACG January 15, 2012
CHKMSGID Checks for the existence of a message in a message file January 15, 2012
CHKTAACRT Lists any TAA functions not created on a TAA system January 15, 2012
CMPJOBA Compares attributes of two jobs January 15, 2012
CMPSPLFA Compares attributes of two spooled files January 15, 2012
CVTTIMSTM Converts a time stamp to a data structure for easy access January 15, 2012
DLTPNDJLG Deletes pending information (not job logs) to assist cleanup January 15, 2012
DSPJOBTYPD Displays the 3 and 1 character abbreviations for job types January 15, 2012
DSPSPLFINF Displays total spooled files for a user or all users January 15, 2012
FNDSPLF Finds a spooled file based on search criteria January 15, 2012
RTVOBJD4 Retrieves object information based on search criteria January 15, 2012
RTVUTC Retrieves universal time January 15, 2012
SECLOG Provides an assist for auditing what an *ALLOBJ user does January 15, 2012
STRWTR Starts a local or remote writer based on the output queue January 15, 2012
WHOIS Displays information about a user January 15, 2012
CALC Provides simple add/subtract calculator with optional listing October 15, 2011
CHGSGNERRT Changes the two critical signon error messages to common text October 15, 2011
CHKOBJALL Checks for an object in the entire system October 15, 2011
CHKSPLCTL Checks for the *SPLCTL special authority for the current user October 15, 2011
CMPMSGQ Compares the messages in two different message queues October 15, 2011
CPYCVTOUTQ Copies from the CVTOUTQ outfile with selection October 15, 2011
DSPEMTIFS Displays IFS files that have a 0 size July 15, 2011
DSPOUTFMT Displays the format for outfile commands July 15, 2011
DSPPRFAUT Displays authorizations to user profiles July 15, 2011
DSPQHSTSIZ Displays a summary of QHST files July 15, 2011
EDTUSRSPC Edits a user space in character or hex mode July 15, 2011
FIXVAR Allows a change or deletion of characters in a variable July 15, 2011
OUTFFLD Provides a display by field name of fields from outfiles July 15, 2011
PRTPAGOF Re-prints a spooled file to provide 'Page n of n' July 15, 2011
RTVMTHNAM Retrieves the month name that is + or - from the current month July 15, 2011
RTVOBJLCK Retrieves the lock on an object and who holds if only one July 15, 2011
RTVSBMCMD Retrieves the command submitted to a batch job July 15, 2011
SCNALLJLG Scans job logs for up to 20 strings, message ID, etc. July 15, 2011
SCNMSGQ Scans message queues for up 20 strings July 15, 2011
SIGNOFF2 Like SIGNOFF with ENDCNN(*YES) as the default July 15, 2011
SNDPGMMSG3 Allows sending a message up the program stack July 15, 2011
CHGCNLKEY Change the setting of F3 and F12 to *ON or *OFF April 15, 2011
CHGDBFDAT Changes data formats such as MMDDYY to DDMMYY April 15, 2011
CHGDSPOBJO Change the MMDDYY fields in the DSPOBJD outfile to DMY or YMD April 15, 2011
CHKARASPE Checks spelling in *DTAARA April 15, 2011
CHKSPCSPE Checks spelling in first 32,000 bytes of a user space April 15, 2011
CLCBOOLVAL Calculates bit settings such as *AND or *OR from two values April 15, 2011
CLRGENMBR Clears generic members in a data base file April 15, 2011
CVTAUTL Creates an outfile of *AUTL authorizations April 15, 2011
DSPAUDCMD Displays commands entered by an user that is being audited April 15, 2011
DSPQHSTINQ Displays inquiry messages from QHST April 15, 2011
DSPUSRAUT3 Displays authorization for a specific user April 15, 2011
DSPUSRSGN Displays hours and minutes signed on based on JOBACG data April 15, 2011
EXTLST3 Extracts from a list command to format list for simple display April 15, 2011
RCVMSGKEY Receives one a message - intended for low level messages April 15, 2011
RMVMSGKEY Remove messages - intended for low level messages April 15, 2011
RNMIFSXLT Renames IFS *DIR and *STMF objects with translation April 15, 2011
RSNMSGKEY Resends messages - intended for low level messages April 15, 2011
RTVCNLKEY Retrieves setting of Cancel and Exit key after system display April 15, 2011
RTVSYSVAL4 Retrieves any system value - intended for large values April 15, 2011
SCNSRCSEU Scan source for up to 20 values and invokes SEU if found April 15, 2011
SORTRPGARR Sorts RPG compile time array data into ascending sequence April 15, 2011
SYSLIBL Documentation only for how to control system library list April 15, 2011

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