TAA Tools

How to Determine Your TAA Tools Release

To determine the release level and date of the TAA Productivity Tools currently loaded on your system, run the following command:


This will display a screen containing information, including the IBM i version/release level on your system and which version/release of the TAA Productivity Tools is currently installed. The release date of the tools will also be shown.

If the IBM i release and TAA Tools release do not match, you are running a backlevel version of the tools. You should consider upgrading the tools on that system to match your IBM i release.

You can see the dates for the latest updates for each version/release of the tools. The latest update will include any new tools, enhancements and fixes.

If the DSPTAALIC command is not found, you can try displaying the TAACTL data area.


On the display that is shown, page down one screen. On the line with the offset of '450', you will see the version/release of the tools, along with the release date.

If neither of those commands work, your i5 System is probably running the TAA Tools from QUSRTOOL, rather than our product. If you are not sure whether you have a version of the TAA Productivity Tools or the compiled source from QUSRTOOL, then run the following command:


If the data area exists, you have a copy of the TAA Productivity Tools; if the data area does not exist, it is a QUSRTOOL version.

If you believe you licensed the TAA Productivity Tools from us, or are having difficulty in determining exactly what version or release date you are running with, please contact us for assistance.

If you believe you installed a newer version than appears to be loaded, one of several things may have occurred:

  1. The install did not complete normally. The libraries TAAINS and TAAINS2 will be on your system. You can check TAAINS for a copy of the TAACTL data area to see if the install library TAAINS is the correct version for your current version of IBM i and not from an old install. If in doubt, delete the TAAINS and TAAINS2 libraries and reinstall from the most recent tape.

  2. The install was not run completely. It is possible solution 2 of the install instructions was chosen (restore TAAINSLIC and TAAINS and then run the install program afterwards) and the install program was never run. If this is the case, the library TAAINS will exist, but not library TAAINS2. If a long time has passed, it may be desirable to verify that you have the correct version of the TAAINS library by checking the TAACTL data area. (DSPDTAARA TAAINS/TAACTL) and rerun the recovery program. (CALL TAAINS/TAAINSIC).

  3. You just installed the product, and the batch job has not finished running. Libraries TAAINS and TAAINS2 will be on the system. WRKSBMJOB will show the job sitting in the QBATCH job queue, or running in the QBATCH subsystem. Common run times for the batch portion are in the 20-40 minutes range, but it depends on how powerful and busy your IBM i System is.

If you have any questions, please contact us.