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PRTUSECNT       PRINT USE COUNT                      TAAOBJF

The Print  Use Count command  prints objects and  members by their  use
count.   This assists in  determining what is being  used frequently on
the system.

The  use  count kept  by the  system is  updated once  per each  day of
usage.   Therefore it  is a  count of  'days used'  rather than  actual

A typical command is entered as:

        PRTUSECNT     LIB(xxxx) COUNT(50) OPER(*GE)

This command  will print a  report of all  objects that have  been used
more than 50 days.

Various  options exist for sorting  and selection.   The last used date
is also shown.

The use count can be  misleading for multi-member files such as  source
files.  The system  does not keep track at an object  level, but rather
at  a member level.   When object  level information is  shown, the use
count is  the sum  of the  member use  counts.   The date  of last  use
reflects the member which was last used.

This is a slow running command and should be submitted to batch.

There are companion  commands PRTLSTUSE, PRTLSTCHG, and  PRTCRTDAT that
allow operations  by last used  date, last changed date,  and by create

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   LIB           A  single  library  may be  specified  or  the special
                 values *LIBL, *USRLIBL, *CURLIB, or *ALLUSR.

   COUNT         The number of  days to consider.   The value works  in
                 conjunction with  the OPER  parameter to allow  you to
                 get  all  those objects/members  that  have  been been
                 used less than  or greater  than the count  specified.

   OPER          Either  *GE or  *LE  may be  specified.    *LE is  the
                 default.   This  works in  conjunction with  the COUNT

                 If you  specify COUNT(5)  OPER(*LE), the  report  will
                 contain those  objects/members that  have been used  5
                 days  or less.   This would  be for  infrequently used

                 If  you specify COUNT(100)  OPER(*GE), the report will
                 contain  those objects/members  that  have  been  used
                 100 days or  more.  This would be  for frequently used

   TYPE          The  type of report  *OBJ or *MBR.   TYPE(*OBJ) is the
                 default and  shows  each object  and it's  use  count.
                 Members are not considered.

                 TYPE(*MBR)  shows only  members and  their use  count.
                 See  also the SRCFILES  parameter to  determine if you
                 want source files or data files included.

   SEQUENCE      A *YES/*NO value with *NO  as the default which  means
                 the objects will appear name within type.

                 If *YES  is specified, the  sequence is  determined by
                 the OPER  parameter.  If  *LE is specified,  the least
                 used   object/members  appear   first.     If  *GE  is
                 specified, the most used objects appear first.

   SRCFILES      Whether source files should  be included or not.   The
                 default is  *INCLUDE.  The  other values of  *OMIT and
                 *ONLY  can only be specified  when TYPE(*MBR) is used.

                 *OMIT should  be specified  when you  want to  include
                 data files and exclude source files.

                 *ONLY should  be specified  when you  want to  include
                 source files and exclude data files.

   PRTFILE       The  qualified name  of the printer  file to  be used.
                 The default  is QPRINT  in *LIBL.   The  spooled  file
                 name is the name of the LIB parameter.


Any objects that have  not been used since Release  V1R3 was installed,
do not show the correct information.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

           RTVSYSVAL3     Retrieve system value 3
           SNDCOMPMSG     Send completion message
           SNDESCMSG      Send escape message
           SNDSTSMSG      Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTUSECNT     *CMD                       TAAOBJF       QATTCMD
   TAAOBJFC      *PGM           CLP         TAAOBJFC      QATTCL
   TAAOBJFR      *PGM           RPG         TAAOBJFR      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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