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The Print  System Summary command  provides a  listing of the  critical
information about the system.  This includes:

     - WRKSYSSTS summary
     - Critical system values
     - PTF summary
     - Major save/restore dates such as the last SAVSYS
     - QHST file summary
     - System supplied journal summary

An option exists to print all of the system values.

The output  is intended to be a quick  summary of the major information
about a system.

A typical command is entered as:


The  DSPSYS Tool provides a faster  summary, but with less information.

You must have *ALLOBJ special authority to use PRTSYSSUM.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   SYSVAL        A  *YES/*NO  value  for  whether  all  of  the  system
                 values should be printed.  The default is *YES.

   CUSTHDG       A  *YES/*NO  value  for  whether  the  first  page  of
                 output  contains  a  heading  for  customer  name  and
                 address to  be manually  filled in.    The default  is
                 *NO.   The  *YES  entry is  intended  for those  cases
                 where  the  output  is  to  be  given  to  someone  to

   PRTFILE       The qualified name  of the  printer file  to be  used.
                 QPRINT in  *LIBL  is the  default.   The spooled  file
                 name is always SYSSUMMARY.


You must have *ALLOBJ special authority to use PRTSYSSUM.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHKALLOBJ    Check all object authority
     CVTALLOUTQ   Convert all output queues
     CVTJRNA      Convert journal attributes
     CVTSYSSTS    Convert system status
     CVTWRKUSR    Convert work user jobs
     CVTVOLSTAT   Convert volume statistics
     RTVDAT       Retrieve date
     RTVRELID     Retrieve release ID
     SNDCOMPMSG   Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG    Send escape message
     SNDSTSMSG    Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTSYSSUM     *CMD                       TAASYSB       QATTCMD
   TAASYSBC      *PGM           CLP         TAASYSBC      QATTCL
   TAASYSBC2     *PGM           CLP         TAASYSBC2     QATTCL
   TAASYSBR      *PGM           RPG         TAASYSBR      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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