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         *                                                  *
         *    The system no longer supports the capability  *
         *      of an error log for certain devices.        *
         *      The command will provide statistics on      *
         *      whatever information is available.          *
         *                                                  *

The  Convert  Tape  Volume  Statistics   command  converts  the  volume
statistics  available using PRTERRLOG  to a data  base file.   Only the
tape device information is converted.

You must be authorized to the PRTERRLOG command to use CVTVOLSTAT.

A typical command would be entered as:

        CVTVOLSTAT     OUTLIB(xxxx)

The  command  allows you  to perform  some  programmed analysis  on the

The tape  statistics reported  differ between  1/2 and  1/4 inch  tape.
The  1/4 tape  does  not distinguish  between  temporary and  permanent
errors.    The permanent  error  fields will  be  zero for  a  1/4 inch
device.  The  1/2 devices  will have 2  read error fields  and 2  write
error fields.

The 3590  reports both temporary  and permanent  errors.  The  3570 and
3580 report only temporary errors.

Command parameters

   DEVICE        The  device  to  output volume  statistics  for.   The
                 default is *ALL  meaning all tape  devices.   Specific
                 entries may be named such as 9346, 9347, 3422 etc.

   MODEL         The  model to  be used.    The default  is  *DFT.   If
                 DEVICE(*ALL)   is   specified,   this   parameter   is
                 ignored.   If a  specific device is  used, the default
                 is 001.

   VOLID         The volume ID to  be converted.  The default  is *ALL.

   KEEP          Keep  the  lifetime  and  session  volume  statistics.
                 The  default is *YES.  If  *NO is specified, the value
                 is converted  to VOLSTAT(*DLT)  and specified  on  the
                 PRTERRLOG command.

   OUTLIB        The  library  in  which  the  file  VOLSTATP  will  be
                 placed.   The default is *LIBL.   If the VOLSTATP file
                 does not already exist,  a library must be  specified.

   OUTMBR        The member of  the VOLSTATP file  to be used.   If the
                 member does  not exist, it  is added.   The default is

   REPLACE       A  *YES/*NO  value for  whether  the member  should be
                 cleared before writing records  into it.  The  default
                 is *YES.

File format

The file name that is output is VOLSTATP.

The model file used is TAATAPFP with a format name of VOLSTATR

To see the field names used:



Because  the PRTERRLOG output  is copied  with CPYSPLF,  the CVTVOLSTAT
function  is release dependent.  Only the  lower and upper case English
language versions  are  supported.   If  the  format of  the  PRTERRLOG
printed output  is changed  on a subsequent  release, the  program must
be modified.

You must be authorized to the PRTERRLOG command to use CVTVOLSTAT.

Not all devices are supported.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

           EDTVAR        Edit variable
           SNDCOMPMSG    Send completion message
           SNDESCMSG     Send escape message
           SNDSTSMSG     Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   CVTVOLSTAT    *CMD                      TAATAPF        QATTCMD
   TAATAPFP      *FILE         PF          TAATAPFP       QATTDDS
   TAATAPFC      *PGM          CLP         TAATAPFC       QATTCL
   TAATAPFC2     *PGM          CLP         TAATAPFC2      QATTCL
   TAATAPFR      *PGM          RPG         TAATAPFR       QATTRPG
   TAATAPFR2     *PGM          RPG         TAATAPFR2      QATTRPG
   TAATAPFR3     *PGM          RPG         TAATAPFR3      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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