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The  Copy  Source  Header  command  copies  a  standard  source  header
(several  lines  of comments)  for  the  heading section  of  a new  or
existing  source member.  Some of the  values in the header are updated
by the  command.   The intent  of the  command is  that the  programmer
would  begin a new  member by  using CPYSRCHDR.   Standard  PDM options
exist.  A method of tailoring the standard headers is provided for.

A typical command would be:

             CPYSRCHDR   MBR(ABC) SRCTYP(CLP) TEXT('A good member')

By  default,  the  value  of  the  source  type  parameter  is used  to
determine the source  file to be  added to.   The standard source  file
names such  as QCLSRC  are used.   The member must  not exist  when the
default  of NEWMBR(*YES) is  specified and  a text description  must be

The source header would look as follows:

/*                                                                  */
/*       Name  . . . . .  ABC         Type . . CLP                  */
/*                                                                  */
/*       Text descrp . .  A good member                             */
/*                                                                  */
/*                                                                  */
/*       Created . . . .  05/10/01  by  JMILLER                     */
/*                                                                  */
/*       Description . .  xxxxx                                     */
/*                        xxxxx                                     */
/*                                                                  */
/*       Revision  . . .  nn                                        */
/*                        xx/xx/xx  by  yy                          */
/*         Description .  xxxxx                                     */
/*                                                                  */

Note that the  member name,  type, text description,  create date,  and
user  are updated  automatically  by  the  command.   The  member  text
description may take  2 lines.  The ending word  on the first line will
not be split.

It  is intended  for the  programmer to  fill in  the remainder  of the

Existing member

If the  member already exists,  the header is  placed at the  beginning
of the  member.  The  source type, text,  and create date  are accessed
from   the  existing  member  and  placed  in   the  header.    A  text
description must exist for the member.   The current user name is  used
in the header.

The  TEXT  parameter  on  the  command  must  be  *SAME.    The  member
description is not changed.

The  technique used  is to copy  any existing  source to  the CPYSRCHDR
source file in TAAWORK.   The TAAWORK/CPYSRCHDR source file is  created
if it does not exist and specified as AUT(*ALL).

The  standard header  is  then copied  into  the existing  member  with
MBROPT(*REPLACE).   The source in TAAWORK/CPYSRCHDR is  then added back
to  the  original  member.   The  member in  TAAWORK/CPYSRCHDR  is then

If a  failure  occurs, you  should  be able  to recover  your  original
source from the same member name in TAAWORK/CPYSRCHDR.

Adding PDM Options

You  may  add  a PDM  option  for  both  the  new and  existing  member
functions by using the TAA ADDPDMOPT command.  The defaults are:

        HN = New Member
        HE = Existing member.

You may assign different defaults.

Before using WRKMBRPDM, enter the command:


A  prompt  override  program  will  prompt  for  the  remainder of  the
command with the default HN assigned.

Then enter the command:


The prompt  override  program will  prompt  for  the remainder  of  the
command  with the  default of  HE.   Note that  the CPYSRCHDR2  command
does  not  exist.    It is  specified  on  ADDPDMOPT  only  to add  the
Existing Member function.

Using the PDM Options

The HN option (or your  value) for adding a  new member may be  entered
next to any  member in the file when  using WRKMBRPDM.  The  member you
place  the entry  on is not  used (this  technique is  required because
the  options can only be entered next  to an existing member instead of
an alternate form of F6 for adding a new member).

The HN option  will cause a prompt  for the CPYSRCHDR command  with the
file and  library parameters  filled in based  on the current  file and
library you are working on.

The  HE option (or  your value) for  adding to an  existing member does
not prompt.    It  just copies  the  standard header  into  the  source

If  a  new  member  is  entered  using  the  PDM  F6  function  and  no
statements  are  added when  the  programmer decides  that  he  needs a
standard header, two solutions exist:

  **   Enter at least  one statement,  end the  source entry  function,
       and use the HE function on the existing member.

  **   End the  source entry function  (the member is  not added if  no
       statements exist) and use the HN function on any member.

Standard headers

The  following   standard  headers  are  used  in   file  CPYSRCHDR  in
TAASECURE for the corresponding source types and source files

    Member      Source type
    ------      -----------


The  CPYSRCHDR command updates specific  records and specific positions
within the standard header.

A user  with *ALLOBJ  special authority can  modify the  source in  the
CPYSRCHDR  source file  in  TAASECURE..   However,  the  first 8  lines
should  remain as is because  the command will  update data at specific
relative record numbers and specific positions.

The standard header  source is  also shipped  in the TAA  Archive.   If
you have  changed the  TAASECURE/CPYSRCHDR version  and want  to return
to the TAA Archive version, determine the member to copy and then do:


CPYSRCHDR escape messages you can monitor for

      TAA9893    The member already exists for NEWMBR(*YES)
      TAA9894    The member does not exist for NEWMBR(*NO)
      TAA9895    The existing member does not have a text descrp

Escape messages from based on functions will be re-sent.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   MBR           The  member name  to be  added.   The member  must not
                 exist for  NEWMBR(*YES).   The member  must exist  for

   SRCTYP        The source type of  the member.  The type  must be one
                 of CMD,  CL, CLP, CLLE,  RPG, RPGLE, CBL,  CBLLE, CLE,
                 PF, LF, DSPF, or PRTF.

                 The type becomes the source type of the member.

                 The  source  type  also  determines  the  name  of the
                 source  file  if   SRCFILE(*SRCTYP)  is  used.     The
                 following describes the file names used:

                      QCMDSRC      CMD
                      QCLSRC       CL CLP CLLE
                      QRPGSRC      RPG
                      QRPGLESRC    RPGLE
                      QCBLSRC      CBL
                      QCBLLESRC    CBLLE
                      QCLESRC      CLE
                      QDDSSRC      PF LF DSPF PRTF

   TEXT          The  member  text   of  up  to  50  bytes.     A  text
                 description  must  be  entered  for  NEWMBR(*YES)  and
                 cannot be *SAME.  The  text description must be  *SAME
                 for NEWMBR(*NO).

   SRCFILE       The source  file to  add the  member to  or where  the
                 member  exists.    The  default  is  *SRCTYP (see  the
                 SRCTYP parameter).    The library  qualifier  defaults
                 to *LIBL.   A  specific name  or *CURLIB  may also  be

   NEWMBR        A  *YES/*NO  parameter for  whether  a  new member  is
                 being  added.    *YES  is the  default  to  add  a new

                 *NO  must  be  specified  when  updating  an  existing


See the previous comments about modifying the standard headers.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     FMTLIN          Format line
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message
     WRTSRC          Write source


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   CPYSRCHDR     *CMD                   TAASREH2      QATTCMD
   TAASREHC2     *PGM       CLP         TAASREHC2     QATTCL
   TAASREHC3     *PGM       CLP         TAASREHC3     QATTCL
                                        TAASREH       QATTCMD
                                        TAASREHR      QATTRPG
                                        TAASREHP      QATTDDS

Added to TAA Productivity tools June 15, 2001

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