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ADDPDMOPT       ADD PDM OPTION                         TAAPDMA

           *                                               *
           *    Due to restrictions with PDM, you will     *
           *      probably find it easier to use           *
           *      ADDPDMOPT from a normal command entry    *
           *      display before entering PDM.  See        *
           *      the later section.                       *
           *                                               *

The  ADD  PDM Options  command  adds  a  record for  certain  TAA  Tool
commands to  the PDM Options  file.  This  allows a simple  2 character
entry  to cause a TAA Tool  command for a member  or object in the same
manner as the PDM supported options.

A typical command would be:


This would  add  the FX  option  (default used  for FIXCLPSRC)  to  the
QAUOOPT file in the specified library.

If  you  pressed F4  after  entering  the  previous command,  a  prompt
override  program is used to determine the  2 character value that will
be used  as the  option.   The  command prompt  then appears  with  the
value to be used along with the file to be updated.

The command string added would be:

             FIXCLPSRC   MBR(&N) INPSRCF(&L/&F)

The & values (such as &L) are standard definitions required by PDM.

Several TAA Tools  such as FIXCLPSRC, INDCLPDO, and  SBMPARMS provide a
command  string in the  form required by  PDM.  The  supported commands
can be seen by  prompting for the valid  values for the TAACMD  prompt.

A standard  option ID  default is  provided for each  of the  supported
commands.   You  may  use your  own ID  instead  of the  default.   The
option ID being added must not already exist in the file.

Use with PDM

Because  of restrictions within  PDM, you will  probably find it easier
to use  ADDPDMOPT before entering  PDM.   The following describes  what
you will see if you use the command within PDM.

  **   You may use  ADDPDMOPT from the the PDM  'Work with User Defined
       Options'  display (F16)  command  entry line.   However,  PDM is
       not aware that  an option has  been added and  will not  refresh
       the screen.

  **   F5 for  refresh will also  not make the  option appear.   If you
       back out  to the 'Work with Members  Using PDM' display and then
       request F16 again, you will see the added option.

  **   You  cannot  use  the  option  unless  you  exit  PDM  and  then

Regardless of  where you use  ADDPDMOPT, the new  option will not  sort
into  sequence.  PDM  only performs a  sort of  the options when  it is
aware  of a change.   You can get  the option to  appear in sequence by
changing the Option  and then  changing it back.   Changing the  option
to itself does not cause the the sort to occur.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   TAACMD        The  TAA  command  name  to  be used.    Only  certain
                 commands  such  as FIXCLPSRC,  INDCLPDO,  and SBMPARMS
                 may be  used.    To  see the  valid  values,  use  the
                 prompter for the TAACMD prompt.

                 A prompt override  program exists which allows  you to
                 enter   the  command  name  and   see  the  default  2
                 character option that  will be used  for the  command.
                 You may enter a different value.

   OPTFILE       The qualified  file  name of  the Options  file to  be
                 used.   The default is  QAUOOPT which is  the standard
                 name provided by PDM in the QGPL library.

                 You  may  use  the QAUOOPT  file  in QGPL  if  you are
                 authorized or  you may  have your  own personal  file.
                 The  file  you identify  must  either  be the  shipped
                 QAUOOPT file in QGPL or created from that file.

   OPTION        The  Option ID to  be used for  the command.   *DFT is
                 the  default  which  means  to  use  the  2  character
                 default supplied  for each supported  TAA command.   A
                 different option may be specified.

                 The  option used must be  unique within the  file.  If
                 the default  ID supplied  already exists  in the  file
                 for one of  your own options,  then you must  select a
                 unique option.

   MEMBER        The member  of the file  to be added to.   The default
                 is *FIRST.

Adding your own option manually

The  ADDPDMOPT command allows  a simple method of  adding an option for
certain TAA Tool commands.  If  you want to add an option for  your own
command or function, the following describes the approach to use.

When  the 'Work with  Members using  PDM' display  occurs, you  can use
the  special  function  keys  to  create  your  own  option  (the  same
technique also works for the WRKOBJPDM function).

You must  first consider  where you  want to  place the  options.   The
default is the  QAUOOPT file in QGPL.   You can see  which options file
is being used by specifying F18 'Change defaults'.

If you  do not want to  use the default, then you  must create your own
file.  A typical  solution would be to  use CRTDUPOBJ to duplicate  the
existing QAUOOPT  file in  QGPL to a  library of  your choice  (use the
same  name of  QAUOOPT).  Then  use the  'Change Defaults'  display and
modify the library for the QAUOOPT file.

After  you have  selected which  file to  use, the 'Work  With Members'
display should appear.   You can  use the F16  key for 'User  Options'.
This  will display  the 'Work  with User-Defined  Options'  display and
you  will see the  existing options.   To create a  new option, specify

A display will  appear named  'Create User-Defined Options'.   You  can
enter  a  2  character  ID  for  the   option.    You  may  choose  any
characters, but  a typical entry would be  a value that abbreviates the
command.  For example,  the FIXCLPSRC command  could be abbreviated  FX
and entered as:

          FIXCLPSRC     MBR(&N) INPSRCF(&L/&F)

The variable  names (like &L  = library) are  used by PDM  to determine
what should be mapped into the command.




The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message
     WRTDBF          Write data base file


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   ADDPDMOPT     *CMD                   TAAPDMA       QATTCMD
   TAAPDMAC      *PGM       CLP         TAAPDMAC      QATTCL
   TAAPDMAC2     *PGM       CLP         TAAPDMAC2     QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools December 1, 1996

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