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The Check TAA  Dependencies tool is  intended primarily as  an internal
tool  used  when CRTTAATOOL  is  run.   The  command checks  a  list of
dependent  tools (those that  are prerequisites).   If a dependent tool
does not exist, CPF9898 is sent as an escape message.

A typical command would be:


The ADDDAT and CHKOBJ3  tools must exist in  TAATOOL.  If not,  CPF9898
is sent as an escape message.

Most tools  are checked by  using the name  of the tool as  the command
name.   The existence of the  entire tool is not  checked (only a major
piece of the dependent tool).

Some tools such  as RTVSYSVAL3 do  not have a  command and are  special
cased to check the appropriate object.

CHKTAADEP  escape messages you can monitor for

      CPF9898    The dependent tool does not exist.

Escape messages from based on functions will be re-sent.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   TOOL          The  tool to  be  checked.   The  only  purpose is  to
                 provide  a  name  that  will  be  used in  the  escape

   DEPTOOL       A list  of  one  or more  dependent  tools  that  must
                 exist.  Up to 40 dependent tools may be named.


See previous comments.

Object only tool

CHKTAADEP is shipped  in object form only.   The source does  not exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools March 1, 1999

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