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The WHO command  is intended to  assist in determining which  users are
abusing  the system.   You must have  *JOBCTL special authority  to use
the WHO command.

When the command is entered: the job is promoted to priority 1 on the

  **   The  job is  promoted to priority  1 on the  system (the current
       priority is reset at the conclusion of the command).

  **   The WRKACTJOB command  is invoked with  an option for  CPUPCTLMT
       and  RESET(*YES).    Using  all the  defaults,  CPUPCTLMT  would
       operate  as  1.0%.    You  may  change  the  default (see  later
       discussion) or specify a value on the WHO command.

This normally results in  a display of  no users because the  selection
is based  on the usage  since the command  was entered (some  users may
be  shown).  If  the Refresh command  key (F5) is  pressed, the display
is refreshed with:

  **   You may  see  your  own  job  because  of  the  processing  time
       required  by WRKACTJOB,  but  this  is  dependent on  the  value
       specified for the CPUPCTLMT.

  **   The  users who  are abusing the  system (i.e.   they  are taking
       more than the specified amount for CPUPCTLMT.

Setting the default for CPUPCTLMT

An  application Value  exists in the  TAASECURE library by  the name of
WHOCMD (an  Application Value is  a *USRSPC  object).  The  Application
Value  contains  the  default   to  be  used  when  CPUPCTLMT(*DFT)  is
specified  on the  WHO command.   This allows  you to  vary the default
based on the  performance of your  system and what  you consider to  be
'abusive'.  Using an  Application Value allows you to  set a value that
will continue  to be used even if  you install another TAA Productivity
Tools version.

Typically, you  would  play with  the  WHO command  as  shipped  before
changing the default value.

The Security Officer (or  any user with *ALLOBJ special  authority) can
change the value with the command:


There is  a single option  for the WHOCMD  and that is  the CPU percent
limit.   It  is shipped  with a value  of 010  which means  1.0%.  Note
that the  value is entered  without a  decimal point.   You may  change
the value within the range of 001 and 999.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   CPUPCTLMT     The  amount of  CPU  usage percentage  required for  a
                 job  to appear  on  the display  after F5  is pressed.
                 The  default  is  *DFT   which  means  the  value   is
                 determined  by the  value  in  the WHOCMD  Application
                 Value  in   the  TAASECURE  library.    See  the  tool
                 documentation for how the change the value.

The value may also be specified by using the command parameter.

Security considerations

You must have the special authority of *JOBCTL to run the command.

You  must  have  *ALLOBJ  authority   to  use  the  EDTAPPVAL   command
described previously.

Abuse of the WHO command

When  the system  performance becomes  sluggish  in some  environments,
many  users may  try  to simultaneously  execute WRKACTJOB  or  the WHO
command.  If this is a problem, you consider the following:

  **   Make  the  commands  private  and  authorize  them  to  specific

  **   Front end WRKACTJOB with  your own command to prevent  more than
       one  user from  using it  at  a time.   For  example, you  could
       exclusively  allocate a specific  data area so only  one user at
       a time could use WRKACTJOB.

  **   Use  the  same  allocation  technique  within  the  TAAJOBAC  CL


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

         SNDESCMSG      Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   WHO           *CMD                      TAAJOBA        QATTCMD
   TAAJOBAC      *PGM          CLP         TAAJOBAC       QATTCL
   TAAJOBAC2     *PGM          CLP         TAAJOBAC2      QATTCL
   WHOCMD        *USRSPC

The WHOCMD *USRSPC  object is the Application Value  which contains the
default value for CPUPCTLMT.

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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