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Ship When Ready
The TAA Productivity Tools follow a 'ship when ready' strategy for one
or more releases. This means that new tools, enhancements, and fixes
are placed in a new version of a release on a periodic basis. When the
version goes 'live' any user ordering that release gets the new

Using a 'ship while ready' strategy enables a very quick response to
user requests for enhancements or new tools. If you have a suggestion,
drop an email to support@taatool.com. In many cases, the turn around
time between 'suggestion' and 'a released solution' has been a matter
of weeks.

The 'ship when ready' strategy is supported for the current release of
the system and may be supported for a prior release while it is still
in broad use.

Thus you can get a periodic refresh of the TAA Productivity Tools
during a release. A media handling charge will be your only cost and
you will be obtaining the latest in:

-   New tools
-   Enhancements
-   Fixes

You may want to follow a strategy of requesting the latest version for
your release 2 or 3 times a year.

Copyright TAA Tools, Inc. 1995, 2021

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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