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The  Scan Variable  from  Right  command  is intended  for  scanning  a
variable from  the right for either the first  non-blank or a specified
character  string.  A return value  will contain the position where the
first non-blank or string  was found.  If  not found, the return  value
is zero.

SCNVARRGT2 is a similar tool, but allows a 500 byte input value.

A typical command would be:


The  command would  scan the  variable  &NAME for  the first  non-blank
from the right.  The &RX value must be declared as *DEC LEN(3 0).

The  STRPOS  value  is optional.    It  defaults to  500  which  is the
maximum size  of a  variable  which can  be scanned.   To  improve  the
performance of  SCNVARRGT, STRPOS should  be set  to the length  of the
variable to be scanned.

To scan from the right for a string you would specify:


If the value of &NAME was 'ABCDEFGHIJ', the &RX value would be 4.

Trailing  blanks  in  the  string  are  automatically  trimmed  off  to
determine the length of the compare.

The VAR value can  be all blanks  in which case  the RTNPOS value  will
be zero.  The STRING value cannot be all blank.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   VAR           The character variable to  be scanned.  It can  be all
                 blank.   A maximum of 500 bytes  is supported, but the
                 variable can be shorter in length.

   RTNPOS        The  return value for  where the value  was found.  It
                 must be declared  as *DEC LEN(3 0).   If not found,  a
                 zero  is  returned (not  an  escape  message).   If  a
                 string   is  specified,  the  leftmost  position  that
                 matches is returned (see previous example).

   STRPOS        The rightmost start position to  begin the scan.   The
                 default is  500, but should only  be used if  you have
                 a 500  byte variable to scan.   To improve performance
                 of the  scan,  specify the  length  of the  VAR  value
                 that is being  scanned.  It  must be a  number between
                 1 and 500.

   STRING        The string  to search for.   The default  is *NONBLANK
                 which  means  the  rightmost non-blank  character.   A
                 string of up  to 10 characters  can be specified.   If
                 a  string is  specified, trailing  blanks are  trimmed
                 off  to determine the  length of the compare.   An all
                 blank string  is invalid  and an  escape message  will
                 be sent.


Because of the  return variable, the command  can only be used  in a CL


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

       SNDESCMSG    Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

   SCNVARRGT     *CMD                       TAACLPS       QATTCMD
   TAACLPSC      *PGM           CLP         TAACLPSC      QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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