TAA Tools

The Save  TAATOOL Libraries  command is  intended for  those users  who
want  to restore  the  TAA Productivity  Tool early  during  a disaster
recovery.    This  allows the  TAA  Productivity  Tools to  be  used to
assist in restoring the rest of the system.

         *                                                   *
         *      If your disaster recovery solution is        *
         *        to restore all of the libraries (both      *
         *        system and user) before using any of       *
         *        the TAA Productivity Tools, you should     *
         *        not consider SAVTAATOOL.                   *
         *                                                   *

The  TAA  Productivity   Tools  such   as  RSTALLLIB,  RSTMNYLIB,   and
RSTALLCHG  can be  used  to  improve your  critical  recovery needs  by
allowing  you to  do selective  restores or restore  multiple libraries
whether the tapes were  created with a  LIB(*nnn) on the save  commands
or not.

SAVTAATOOL can be  used with either of two  special libraries $$TAATOOL
or  Q$$TAATOOL.  These will  be described as 'backup  libraries'.  Save
files are  used  in  the  backup libraries  to  save  the  TAATOOL  and
TAASECURE libraries.  The  use of the special library  names allows the
library  containing the save  files to be  restored by a  single RSTLIB
command (this does not restore the TAATOOL or TAASECURE libraries).

The  special  TAASAVPC program  (exists  in the  backup  libraries) can
then be used  to restore the TAA  Productivity Tool libraries from  the
save files.   The TAA  Productivity Tool commands  can then be  used to
restore the remainder of the system.

The  TAAWORK library is not  saved by SAVTAATOOL.   The TAAWORK library
is used  by various  tools for  temporary work  objects.   The  typical
tools you would use to help restore the system do not use TAAWORK.

To determine  whether to  use $$TAATOOL  or Q$$TAATOOL  as your  backup
library, you must first consider your save/restore strategy.

  **   The  $$TAATOOL  library  is intended  for  those  users who  use
       SAVLIB LIB(*NONSYS)  or  the  Operational  Assistant  option  to
       save the  entire system.   When *NONSYS is  used, both user  and
       system  libraries are  saved  in alphabetical  sequence.   Using
       the  name  $$TAATOOL  will place  that  library at  or  near the
       beginning of  the tape.    If the  Operational Assistant  option
       was  used, the  library will  be  after the  libraries saved  by

  **   The  Q$$TAATOOL  library is  intended  for those  users  who use
       SAVLIB LIB(*IBM) and  then SAVLIB(*ALLUSR).   Using the  library
       name  Q$$TAATOOL  will   place  the  library  at   or  near  the
       beginning  of  the SAVLIB(*IBM)  tape.   SAVLIB  LIB(*IBM) saves
       all Qxxx libraries that are not in a specific list.

To successfully use  the SAVTAATOOL  approach, you  must properly  save
the backup  library and  the save  files.   The default  on the  SAVLIB
commands is SAVFDTA(*YES).   This must be used  to allow for a restore.

Space considerations

To  use the SAVTAATOOL function as  intended will require save files to
exist in your  backup library with  compressed versions of the  TAATOOL
and TAASECURE libraries.

  **   For  a   CISC  system  (prior   to  V3R6),  this   will  require
       approximately 50 MB.

  **   For   a  RISC  system  (V3R6  and   after),  this  will  require
       approximately 90 MB.

Getting started

Once you decide  which special  library you  want to use,  a user  with
*ALLOBJ  special authority  must use  the CRTSAVTAA  command to  create
the  required library.   For  example, to  use the  Q$$TAATOOL library,
the following command should be run (it is a short running command):

             CRTSAVTAA   LIB(Q$$TAATOOL)

When the  command  completes, the  library  will exist  with  the  save
files  TAATOOL   and  TAASECURE  plus   the  special   restore  program
TAASAVPC.  Note that the libraries have not been saved.

Any  user with  *SAVSYS authority can  then use  the save  command such


to  save  the libraries  to the  save files.   This  is a  long running
command and should be submitted to batch.

SAVTAATOOL  determines  which  library  ($$TAATOOL  or  Q$$TAATOOL)  is
being used,  ensures the  proper objects exist,  and saves  the TAATOOL
and TAASECURE libraries in a compressed format to the save files.

You  may want to consider using  SAVTAATOOL periodically to ensure that
the libraries  are  current.    See  the later  discussion  on  use  of

The CRTSAVTAA  command may  also be  used anytime  the objects must  be
re-built.   See the later discussion on  changing the TAASAVPC program.

Automatic SAVTAATOOL on Install of TAA Productivity Tools

When  the  TAA  Productivity  Tools   are  installed  and  either   the
$$TAATOOL or Q$$TAATOOL exist,  a job is automatically submitted  to do
SAVTAATOOL.    This  occurs when  any  update  or  new  release of  the
product is installed.

This  ensures  that the  new version  is properly  saved in  the backup

During the install  processing, a check will  be made for the  TAASAVPC
program  in the  backup  libraries.   If  the program  exists, the  new
version of the program will replace the existing version.

Restoring from $$TAATOOL or Q$$TAATOOL

In  a disaster recovery  situation, you would normally  install the LIC
(Licensed internal  code) and  then i5/OS.   Then  there are  important
steps such as:

      - RSTCFG

At the point where you are ready to restore:

       - The remaining system libraries from a SAVLIB(*IBM)


       - Restore from a SAVLIB(*NONSYS)

is  when you  would  typically want  to  restore  the TAA  Productivity

The  library you selected  ($$TAATOOL or Q$$TAATOOL)  would normally be
restored by the normal RSTLIB command such as:

             RSTLIB   SAVLIB($$TAATOOL)

Assuming your save  strategy is  consistent with  your backup  library,
the backup library should be  at or near the front of  the saved media.

Once the  library is installed,  a user with  *ALLOBJ special authority
should call the TAASAVPC program in the specified library.

For  example,  if  you created  $$TAATOOL,  the command  would  be (the
command could be submitted to batch if a batch subsystem is running):

            CALL      PGM($$TAATOOL/TAASAVPC)

This will restore the TAATOOL and TAASECURE libraries.

The TAA  Productivity  Tool commands  may  then be  used to  assist  in
restoring the  remainder of the system.   All of  the product including
the  commands, command help  text, the HELPTAA  menu, and documentation
would then be available.

If you  have a tape  from SAVLIB  LIB(*xxx), the  first file  (sequence
number  1)  contains   a  list  of  libraries  that  is   used  by  the
corresponding   RSTLIB   SAVLIB(*xxx)   function.     To   use   a  TAA
Productivity Tool command  like RSTALLLIB, you  must specify  SEQNBR(2)
to start with the first library after the special first file.

Use of a Command Library for TAA Tool Commands

If you  are  using a  command library  for  TAA Tool  commands such  as
TAACMD,  you do  not have to  save or  restore the  library to  use the
SAVTAATOOL  concept.    All  TAA commands  are  always  in  the TAATOOL
library.  You must have  the TAATOOL library on your library  list when
using a command like RSTALLLIB for disaster recovery.

Normal saves of the TAATOOL and TAASECURE libraries

If you  follow the intent of  the SAVTAATOOL function, there  should be
no  reason to backup the  TAATOOL and TAASECURE libraries  thru the use
of SAVLIB LIB(*NONSYS)  or SAVLIB(*ALLUSR).   You may  use the  OMITLIB
parameter to omit the libraries.

If  you save  the libraries  on the  normal save  media (without  using
OMITLIB),  the  following considerations  exist  if  you first  restore
from the backup library.

  **   The system RST commands  will probably operate successfully  and
       restore  over  the  top  of  existing  objects  in  TAATOOL  and
       TAASECURE.    If  the  the  same  version of  the  libraries  is
       restored,  there  should  be  no difference.    If  the versions
       differ, there  may be  error conditions  that would  have to  be
       handled manually.

  **   If the  TAA Productivity tool commands  RSTALLLIB, RSTMNYLIB, or
       RSTALLCHG  are   used,  the  TAATOOL  library  is  automatically
       bypassed because  the program  that is  running  is in  TAATOOL.
       The  TAASECURE  library  would  be restored  over  the  existing


Each  time SAVTAATOOL is used,  the command determines  that the proper
objects exist  in either  $$TAATOOL or  Q$$TAATOOL and  then saves  the
TAATOOL and TAASECURE  libraries in a  compressed format to  save files
in the backup library.

In  some unique  situations you  may want  to use  both libraries.   If
both libraries exist, both will be saved to.

You  would  normally  want  to  include  the  SAVTAATOOL  command  in a
regular backup  procedure to  ensure that  any changes  in the  TAATOOL
and TAASECURE libraries are backed up.

A previous  section has  discussed the use  of the automatic  save that
occurs  during  the install  of  a new  update  or release  of  the TAA
Productivity Tools.  This  ensures that at least  a base level  version
of the tools will exist.

See the discussion  on the HELPTAA menu of  'Backup considerations' for
the  types  of changes  that can  occur  in the  TAATOOL  and TAASECURE
libraries.   The major  reason  for a  change  in the  TAATOOL  library
would be if you re-created one of the tools.

Tailoring the TAASAVPC restore program

In  most cases  there  should  not be  a  need  to tailor  the  special
restore program.

If  you do,  follow  the instructions  for  'Modifying a  tool'  on the

You  should re-create the  new version in the  TAATOOL library and then

CRTSAVTAA will  ensure  that the  proper save  files  exist and  create
them if they  do not.  It  will also delete the current  version of the
TAASAVPC program and duplicate the version from TAATOOL.

Note  that  during  install of  a  new  update or  release  of  the TAA
Productivity Tools,  the latest  version from  the  TAATOOL library  of
TAASAVPC will  be placed into your  backup library.  Therefore,  if you
have  modified the TAASAVPC program,  you must go thru  the steps again
to re-create  the tool  and then  use CRTSAVTAA  to get  your  tailored
version of the object into your backup library.

CRTSAVTAA Command                                     *CMD

   LIB           The library  to be designated  as the  backup library.
                 Either $$TAATOOL or Q$$TAATOOL must be specified.

SAVTAATOOL Command                                     *CMD

No parameters exist.


There  are several  restrictions discussed  throughout.   The following
are the major considerations.

  **   The  backup  library chosen  must be  consistent with  your save

  **   SAVFDTA(*YES)  must  be specified  (or  defaulted  to)  on  your
       normal backup such as SAVLIB LIB(*NONSYS).

  **   Only  a user with  *ALLOBJ special  authority can  use CRTSAVTAA
       to create or refresh the backup library objects.

  **   Only  a   user  with  *SAVSYS  special  authority  can  use  the
       SAVTAATOOL command.

  **   Only a user with *ALLOBJ  special authority can use the  special
       restore program.

  **   If  you  are  changing  objects in  TAATOOL  or  TAASECURE,  you
       should ensure a regular backup using SAVTAATOOL


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHGLIBOWN       Change library owner
     CHKALLOBJ       Check *ALLOBJ special authority
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDDIAGMSG      Send diagnostic message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message
     SNDSTSMSG       Send status message


The  tool is ready  to use,  but CRTSAVTAA must  be used to  create the
backup library.  SAVTAATOOL must be  used after the backup library  has
been created.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   SAVTAATOOL    *CMD                   TAASAVP2      QATTCMD
   CRTSAVTAA     *CMD                   TAASAVP3      QATTCMD
   TAASAVPC      *PGM       CLP         TAASAVPC      QATTCL
   TAASAVPC2     *PGM       CLP         TAASAVPC2     QATTCL
   TAASAVPC3     *PGM       CLP         TAASAVPC3     QATTCL

The TAASAVPC program also exists in the backup library.


   TAASAVPC2  CL pgm

   TAASAVPC3   CL pgm

Added to TAA Productivity tools May 1, 1996

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