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The Print Program  Calls command prints a  listing of the calls  from a
program  and optionally  cascades to print  the calls  used by  any sub
programs.   Parameter  lists may  optionally be  printed.  Only  CL and
RPG along with single module CLLE and RPGLE programs are supported.

Other restrictions exist  such as the programs  must be on the  library
list and  the source must exist  where the programs  were created from.
Any programs called from /COPY statements are not considered.

A typical command would be:


The  program ABC would be  accessed and the source  used for the create
would be checked for  call operations.  If  a call exists, any  program
being  called would  be checked  and any  sub  programs it  calls in  a
cascading  manner.  The entry  list parameters to ABC  would be printed
along with any parameter lists passed to the sub programs.

Each sub program  is shown  with the  level number  of the  call.   The
program  specified  on the  PGM  parameter  is  'Level 1'.    Each  sub
program  name  that  calls other  programs  is  indented  to assist  in
following the structure.

PRTPGMCALL escape messages you can monitor for

      TAA9892    The program attribute is not supported.
      TAA9894    One or more errors were found (See ESCAPE parm)

Escape messages from based on functions will be re-sent.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   PGM           The  qualified name  of the  program to  be processed.
                 The library value  defaults to *LIBL.   Only CL  (CLP,
                 CLP38,  and CLLE)  and RPG  (RPG, RPG38,  RPGLE) types
                 are supported.  *CURLIB may also be used.

   PARMS         Whether  to print  the parameter  lists passed  to the
                 programs.   *YES  is  the  default  which  causes  the
                 entry  parameters of  the  program  specified for  the
                 PGM  parameter  to be  printed.   The  parameter lists
                 passed to any sub programs are also printed.

                 *NO may be specified  to avoid printing the  parameter

   CASCADE       Whether to  cascade to sub  programs.  The  default is
                 *YES which causes cascading to occur.

                 *NO may  be specified to  cause only the  sub programs
                 called  from the  program named  on the  PGM parameter
                 to be considered.

   ESCAPE        Whether an  escape message  (TAA9894)  should be  sent
                 if  errors  occur.    The  default is  *NO  meaning  a
                 completion  message  is sent  which  will  describe if
                 any errors occurred.

                 *YES may be  specified to cause  an escape message  if
                 if any errors were found.


  **   Only  CL  and  RPG  along with  single  module  CLLE  and  RPGLE
       programs are supported.

  **   The  program   names  must  be  specified  as  'constants'  (not
       variables) in the programs.

  **   The programs  (unless  library  qualified)  must  exist  on  the
       library  list and  the  first program  found  for the  specified
       name is the assumed program that is called.

  **   The  source  for  the program  must  exist  in  the same  source
       member/file/library where the program was created from.

  **   Any  programs called  from /COPY statements  are not considered.

  **   Calls made using  SBMJOB, TFRJOB, or  TFRCTL are not  supported.

  **   Service Programs are not supported.

  **   User  commands are  not  considered calls.    See the  CHK400CMD
       tool to identify these.

  **   A  'recursion' situation will  cause an error.   For example, if
       A calls B which calls A, a recursion error will occur.

  **   Sub tools such as RTVCLPVAR have restrictions.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHKOBJ3         Check object 3
     EDTVAR          Edit variable
     RTVCLPCALL      Retrieve CLP calls
     RTVCLPVAR       Retrieve CLP variables
     RTVILEMODA      Retrieve ILE module attributes
     RTVRPGCALL      Retrieve RPG calls
     RTVRPGPARM      Retrieve RPG parameters
     RTVSYSVAL3      Retrieve system value 3
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCINF       Send escape information
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTPGMCALL    *CMD                   TAAPGNA       QATTCMD
   TAAPGNAC      *PGM       CLP         TAAPGNAC      QATTCL
   TAAPGNAC2     *PGM       CLP         TAAPGNAC2     QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools December 1, 2004

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