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The  Print Big  Characters  command translates  data  to provide  large
size print characters (12 x 12) such as:

                  AAAAAAAAAA    BBBBBBBBBBB
                 AA        AA   BB        BB
                 AA        AA   BB        BB
                 AA        AA   BB       BB
                 AA        AA   BB       BB
                 AA        AA   BB        BB
                 AA        AA   BB        BB
                 AA        AA   BBBBBBBBBBBB
                 AA        AA   BBBBBBBBBBB

The actual input character is used to form the large character.

Your  program passes in  a 10  character field  and is returned  a 1680
byte return parameter (12 lines of 140 characters).

A typical series of commands would be:

          DCL         &LINES *CHAR LEN(1680)
          DCL         &LINE *CHAR LEN(140)
          CHGVAR      &LINE %SST(&LINES &X 140)

The  function  can also  be used  directly in  a  HLL program  to cause
large character  printing.   To call the  function from  RPG you  would

     E                    ARR        12140               Print array
     C* Move the characters you want to print to INPUT
     C                     MOVELCHAR      INPUT            Char to prt
     C                     CALL 'TAAPRTDR'                 Big char
     C                     PARM           INPUT  10        Input var
     C                     PARM           ARR              Output var
     C                     PARM '*OFF'    SETLR   6        Set LR
     C* Do once per print line passed back
     C                     DO   12        AX      30       Per prt line
     C                     MOVELARR,AX    PRTLIN140        Truncate
     C                     EXCPTPRINT                      Print
     C                     END                             Per prt line

The  previous lines  of source  are in  the right  format to  be copied
into  an RPG  program.   Use CPYTAA  TAAARCMBR(PRTBIGCHAR) to  copy the
source for this documentation member to QATTINFO in TAATOOL.

Each character  to  print  takes up  14  print positions  (12  for  the
character  and  2  spaces).    If  you  want  to  print  less  than  10
characters, the  data from each line can  be truncated (MOVEL) as shown
in the example.

An array is provided in  the TAAPRTDR program with typical  characters.
Any lower  case  letters (a  - z)  will  appear as  upper case  values.
Many special  characters are provided.   If a character  does not exist
in  the array, blanks  are printed.   You may want  to modify the array
data  to  add  new characters  or  change  the  shape  of  an  existing
character.   See the  instructions in  TAAPRTDR for  how to  modify the

A  test  program  is provided.    You  call the  program  and  pass the
characters you want  to print.   Up to  9 characters can  be passed  in
the test program.


A spooled file of the name QPRINT will be created.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   INPUT         Up  to  10   characters  to  be  converted   to  large

   BIGCHR        A  return  parameter that  must be  declared  as *CHAR
                 LEN(1680).   It  will contain  12  lines ready  to  be
                 printed.  Each line is 140 bytes.

   SETLR         Allows  control of  LR  in  the  print program.    The
                 default  is *OFF to  allow you  to invoke  the program
                 multiple  times with  only a single  activation.  This
                 should be specified  (or defaulted)  if you intend  to
                 have multiple lines of big print characters.

                 *ON  may be specified.   This  will cause  the program
                 to   convert  the  input   value.     This  should  be
                 specified if you do not  intend to invoke the  program
                 again or  wish to remove it  being activated.   If you
                 are  converting  the  last set  of  lines  for printed
                 output, this should be specified.

                 *IMMED may be  specified to cause  the program to  end
                 immediately without changing the value of BIGCHR.


Only typical characters are  provided.  Any lower case letters  (a - z)
will  appear as upper  case.   Any non-supported character  will appear
as blanks.




None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTBIGCHR     *CMD                       TAAPRTD       QATTCMD
   TAAPRTDR      *PGM           RPG         TAAPRTDR      QATTRPG
   TAAPRTDR2     *PGM           RPG         TAAPRTDR2     QATTRPG

Note  that the  TAAPRTDR RPG program  is the CPP.   No CL  exists.  The
TAAPRTDR2 program is for testing only.

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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