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EXPVOLID       EXPAND VOLUME ID                           TAATAPB

The Expand  Volume ID  command is  intended for those  cases where  you
have a  naming convention for the VOL parameter  for the save commands.
The  command expands the value  given into 50 variables  so they may be
placed on the SAV command.

The  SAV  command  cannot  be  directly  executed  because   the  VOLID
parameter  expects a  list.   It  can be  executed by  building up  the
command string and using QCMDEXC.

A typical use would be:

        DCL         &EXPVOLID  *CHAR LEN(350)
        DCL         &CMD *CHAR LEN(500)
        CHGVAR      &CMD ('SAVLIB LIB(xxx) VOL(' *CAT &EXPVOLID +
                      *TCAT ') DEV(xxx)')
        CALL        QCMDEXC PARM(&CMD 500)

The &EXPVOLID variable would contain ABCD01 ABCD02 ...  ABCD50.

The  VOL  parameter is  used  to assist  the operator  in  mounting the
correct tapes.  The tapes must  be mounted in the sequence of the  list
given or an error  is sent to the operator.  The  operator can override
the message.

While  50  tape  volumes  are  specified  on  the  command, it  is  not
necessary to have 50  tapes.  The SAV  commands will complete  normally
when there is nothing left to save.

The VOLID parameter  on the EXPVOLID  command must be 4  characters (no
blanks).   You  need to  initialize your  tapes  using the  same naming

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   VOLID         The  4  character  generic name  to  be used.    All 4
                 characters must  be specified  with no  blanks.   ABCD
                 is valid.  ABC is not valid.

   EXPVOLID      The expanded  return variable  which will  contain the
                 list  of  volume  identifiers.    The  length must  be
                 specified as *CHAR LEN(350).   This allows for a  list
                 of 50 IDs with a blank separating each.


You must execute the SAV command using QCMDEXC.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

         SNDESCMSG     Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   EXPVOLID      *CMD                      TAATAPB        QATTCMD
   TAATAPBC      *PGM          CLP         TAATAPBC       QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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