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The Convert  Member  Description command  creates an  outfile of  DSPFD
TYPE(*MBR)   information.    Rather   than  using  the   DSPFD  command
directly,   CVTMBRD  offers  more  selection  capability  in  terms  of
generic names, data or source, and an omit library function.

CVTMBRD is suggested  as the  means of creating  a file for  processing

The  file name  used for  the OUTFILE  parameter may  be any  name (the
default  is CVTMBRP).    It uses  the same  format as  DSPFD TYPE(*MBR)
which has a model file of QAFDMBR with a format name of QWHFDMBR.

A typical command would be:

                       OMITLIB(ABC DEF GHI) +

All data  files  in user  libraries except  for  those in  the  omitted
libraries would  be specified for DSPFD  TYPE(*MBR).  The  output would
be written to the CVTMBRD file in the specified library.

Authorization required

  **   If  LIB(*ALL) or LIB(*ALLUSR)  is requested, the  user must have
       *ALLOBJ authority.

  **   If *CURLIB,  *USRLIBL,  or  *LIBL  are  named  for  the  library
       parameter, the user is already authorized to the libraries.

  **   If  specific libraries  (or  generic libraries)  are  specified,
       the  user must be  authorized to  each library (unless  they are

  **   If  the  user  is  authorized  to a  library,  he  may  not have
       authorization to a  file.  If  not, the file  is bypassed and  a
       diagnostic message occurs.

CVTMBRD escape messages you can monitor for

      TAA9894    No files exist or none converted (may be
                   due to selection criteria)
      TAA9895    No libraries were selected.  Check criteria.

Escape messages from based on functions will be re-sent.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   LIB           The  library to  be processed.   A  list of  up  to 50
                 libraries  or generic libraries  may be  entered.  The
                 special values  *LIBL,  *USRLIBL,  *CURLIB,  *ALL,  or
                 *ALLUSR may be entered.

                 If *ALL  or *ALLUSR  are entered,  the user must  have
                 *ALLOBJ special authority.

                 If  a library  is  to be  processed (not  on  the omit
                 list), the user  must have authority  to the  library.

                 If the user does  not have authority to a  file within
                 a library  to be processed,  the file is  bypassed and
                 a   diagnostic  message   will  occur   (CVTMBRD  will
                 attempt to complete normally).

   FILE          The file  to be processed  within the  library.   *ALL
                 is the default.  A generic name may be specified.

   DATATYPE      The  type  of data  to  be  processed.   *ALL  is  the
                 default.   Either *DATA  (data files)  or *SRC (source
                 files) may be entered.

                 Specifying *DATA  is typical  if the  intended use  is
                 for the  DSPMBRSTAT command.   Because  source members
                 are  normally   entirely  read  by  SEU  and  entirely
                 written  if   updated,  the   member  statistics   are
                 generally misleading with source files.

   FILETYPE      The file type to  be processed.  *ALL is  the default.

                 *PF or  *LF may be  entered to output  either physical
                 or logical files.

   LIBTYPE       The  library  type  to  be  processed.    *ALL  is the
                 default.   Either *PROD (for  PROD type libraries)  or
                 *TEST (for TEST type libraries) may be entered.

   OMITLIB       A  list  of up  to  50  libraries  or generic  library
                 names  that should be omitted.   *NONE is the default.

                 An omit list  may not be  entered for LIB(*CURLIB)  or
                 if only non-generic libraries are specified.

                 Any library entered is checked for existence.

                 No check occurs  to see if an omit  library would have
                 been   selected.    For  example,   if  LIB(*LIBL)  is
                 entered with OMITLIBS(ABC) and  library ABC is not  on
                 the library list, no error occurs.

   OUTFILE       The  output file  for the  member  descriptions.   The
                 default file name is CVTMBRP.

                 The  default  library  qualifier  is *LIBL  which  may
                 only  be used  if the file  already exists.   The file
                 to be  named must have  the same  format as that  used
                 by DSPFD TYPE(*MBR).

   REPLACE       A *YES/*NO  parameter for whether to  replace the data
                 in  the file  named for  the OUTFILE parameter.   *YES
                 is the default.

                 *NO may be used to add to existing data.


See the authorization requirements.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHKALLOBJ       Check all object
     CHKDUPLST       Check for duplicates in a list
     CHKGENERC       Check generic
     CHKOBJ3         Check object 3
     CVTLIBOBJD      Convert library object description
     EDTVAR          Edit variable
     EXTLST          Extract list
     EXTLST2         Extract list 2
     RSNLSTMSG       Resend last message
     RTVDBFA         Retrieve data base file attributes
     RTVOBJLST       Retrieve object list
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDDIAGMSG      Send diagnostic message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message
     SNDSTSMSG       Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   CVTMBRD       *CMD                   TAADBJG       QATTCMD
   TAADBJGC      *PGM       CLP         TAADBJGC      QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools February 28, 2000

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