TAA Tools

The Check  User Command checks  for user commands  in a source  file or
all  source files in  a library or  all libraries.   Both TAA  and user
commands  are identified.  The command  is helpful for determining what
usage is  being  made  of user  and/or  TAA  commands.   See  also  the
Determining TAA Tool usage option on HELPTAA.

A typical command would be:


All source files in  LIBA would be checked.  Only members  of a CL type
(such  as CLP, CL, CLP38,  CLLE) are checked.   Non-CL source types are

If a member  is a CL  type, the source  is checked  to determine if  it
has any  commands which are  not in QSYS.   This includes  TAA commands
and  user  written  commands.    See  the later  discussion  concerning
commands in QSYS.

A spooled file is  output with one  line for each  TAA or user  command
found in a statement.

You may  check a specific  source file in  a library, all  source files
in a  library, all source files  in the system, or all  source files in
libraries that do not start with the letter Q.

You  may request  both user  and TAA commands  be listed,  just the TAA
commands, or just the user commands.

An option exists to omit named libraries.

If a  command cannot  be found  or invalid  syntax exists,  it will  be
flagged in the listing.

Identifying a Command

Commands are found  by searching the source and  scanning for a command
name  in valid CL syntax.   Commands within variables  (such as used in
QCMDEXC) are not  found.   Commands specified for  parameters like  CMD
on SBMJOB are found.

Identifying a TAA Command

From a system  viewpoint, a TAA command  is a user command.   CHKUSRCMD
identifies  a  TAA  command  if the  command  name  exists  in the  TAA
Archive and the library value is:

            - Blank (meaning the library list is used)
            - Qualified to TAATOOL
            - Qualified to the TAA Productivity Tool command library
                 (as specified on install or with DUPTAACMD)

TAA Source

When the  TAA Productivity  Tools  are shipped,  there are  some  empty
source files  in  TAATOOL.   The source  for the  tools is  kept in  an
archive  which  is  not a  standard  source  file.    For this  reason,
CHKUSRCMD  will not  find any TAA  commands within the  source files of
TAATOOL unless you have copied out some of the source.

Commands in QSYS

The CHK400CMD  TAA Tool  is used  to identify  the user  commands.   It
does this  by checking CL source  for each command name  found and then
checking  against an array  of command names within  the tool programs.

The  CHK400CMD tool  is  built  using  the  commands  for  the  current
release  and a  few program  products.   Most  system program  products
place  their commands in  QSYS as part  of the install  of the product.
If you re-create  the CHK400CMD  tool, it  will use  the commands  from
your version  of QSYS.  You  may also add  or omit certain  commands by
describing  them  in specific  members  within  the TAASECURE  library.
See the discussion with the CHK400CMD tool.

CHKUSRCMD command parameters                          *CMD

   SRCFILE       The  qualified  file name  of  the source  file  to be
                 checked.  Either a  specific source file may  be named
                 or the special value *ALL for all source files.

                 You  must have  *ALLOBJ special  authority to  specify
                 LIB(*ALL) or LIB(*ALLUSR).

                 The  library qualifier defaults  to *LIBL.   *LIBL may
                 only be used when a specific file is named.

                 If *ALL source  files are  requested, you  may name  a
                 specific   library,  *ALL   for   all  libraries,   or
                 *ALLUSR2 for all normal user libraries.

                 *ALLUSR2  includes  all libraries  that  do  not begin
                 with the letter Q plus  the QGPL library and  excludes
                 the  S/36   libraries   #LIBRARY,  #CGULIB,   #COBLIB,
                 #DFULIB, #RPGLIB, #SDALIB, #SEULIB, and #DSULIB.

   TYPE          The type  of user command to be checked  for.  *ALL is
                 the  default which  means that any  command found that
                 is not  in  QSYS  is  considered.   See  the  previous
                 documentation  for  the   definition  of  commands  in

                 *TAA  may  be  specified to  list  only  the  TAA user
                 commands.  The means the  command name used exists  in
                 the  TAA  Archive  and  the qualified  name  is  blank
                 (meaning  *LIBL),  TAATOOL,  or  the  command  library
                 used for TAA Tool commands.

                 *USER  may  be  specified   to  list  only  the   user
                 commands  that   are  not   recognized  as  TAA   Tool
                 commands.   See the  previous documentation for  how a
                 user  command is distinguished  from a system command.

   OMITLIBS      A list  of up  to 40 libraries  to be  omitted if  the
                 qualified library  name for  the SRCFILE  parameter is
                 *ALL  or *ALLUSR2.  The default is  *NONE.  If *ALL or
                 *ALLNONQ are not used, *NONE must be specified.

   OUTLIB        The  library  in  which  the  USRCMDP  file   will  be
                 placed.   The  default  is  *NONE meaning  no  outfile
                 will be created.

                 *LIBL  may be  specified.   If  the USRCMDP  file does
                 not already exist, a library must be specified.

   OUTMBR        The member of  the USRCMDP file  to be used.   If  the
                 member does not  exist, it is  added.  The  default is

   REPLACE       A  *YES/*NO value  for  whether the  member  should be
                 cleared  before writing records into  it.  The default
                 is *YES.

                 *NO may  be specified to  add records  to an  existing


  **   The CHK400CMD tool  is used to determine user  commands.  It has
       restrictions  relative  to  how a  command  is  interpreted from

  **   You must  have *ALLOBJ  special authority  to specify  LIB(*ALL)
       or LIB(*ALLUSR).

  **   See also the previous comments in the documentation.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHK400CMD       Check 400 command
     CVTLIBDBF       Convert library data base files
     EDTVAR          Edit variable
     EXTLST2         Extract list 2
     RTVSYSVAL3      Retrieve system value 3
     RTVTAALIC       Retrieve TAA license
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   CHKUSRCMD     *CMD                   TAACMEA       QATTCMD
   TAACMEAC      *PGM       CLP         TAACMEAC      QATTCL
   TAACMEAC2     *PGM       CLP         TAACMEAC2     QATTCL
   TAACMEAR      *PGM       RPG         TAACMEAR      QATTRPG
   TAACMEAP      *FILE      PF          TAACMEAP      QATTDDS

Added to TAA Productivity tools June 1, 1997

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