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The Check  TAA Libraries  command checks  all of the  TAA functions  to
see  if the objects  exist and  if there  any 'foreign' objects  in the
TAA  libraries.   CHKTAALIB  performs a  sanity  check against  the TAA
Productivity Tools.

Additional exceptions include:

  **   An object was created on a non TAASYSn system.

  **   An object was created by other than SLOAN.

  **   An object  was created  after  the TAA  Productivity Tools  were

  **   An  object was  created  on  a different  release  than the  TAA
       Productivity Tools release.

The  command  has  no  parameters.    You  must  have  *ALLOBJ  special
authority to use CHKTAALIB.   It is a  slow running command and  should
be submitted to batch.


The  objects in  the  libraries TAATOOL  and  TAASECURE are  considered
along  with the  TAA Authorization  lists in  QSYS.   If the  TAAINS or
TAAINSLIC libraries  exist (install  libraries), the  objects in  those
libraries are also considered.

The following is checked.

  **   All TAA Authorization lists that should exist are checked.

  **   The records in the  TAA Archive are read and  a determination is
       made  if the  object  form exists.    An exception  is  made for
       certain source members which do not have an object form.

  **   An  array in  the program describes  objects that  will exist in
       the  libraries that  do  not  have  a  source form  in  the  TAA
       Archive.   A  determination  is made  if  the objects  described

  **   If  an  object  exists  in one  of  the  libraries  that  is not
       described in the  TAA Archive or  in the array  kept within  the
       program, it is flagged.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

There are no parameters.


You must have *ALLOBJ authority to use CHKTAALIB.


Not a consideration as only the object form exists.


None, the tool  is ready to use.   Only the object form exists  on your

Object only tool

CHKTAALIB is  shipped in object form  only.  The source  does not exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools May 1, 1996

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