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CHGTAAKEY       CHANGE TAA KEY                         TAATOLK

The Change  TAA  Key command  allows the  critical  information in  the
TAALICENSE data area to be changed.

For  example,  assume  you  licensed  the  TAA Productivity  Tools  for
software  group P20 and  want to upgrade  your hardware to  a new model
which will  place  you in  the  P30 software  group.   In  addition  to
upgrading your  IBM i license,  you must upgrade your  TAA Productivity
Tools license to allow you to operate in the new software group.

To  upgrade  your TAA  Productivity  Tools  license or  make  any valid
changes  to  the  TAALICENSE  data  area,  you  must  contact  the  TAA
Productivity Tools owner to  receive a key which will  allow you to use

To  complete CHGTAAKEY  successfully, you  must  enter the  special key
provided by  the  TAA  Productivity  Tools  owner.    The  special  key
differs from  the key  information in  the TAALICENSE data  area.   You
should not attempt to use CHGTAAKEY without having a special key.

The tools can  now support multiple licenses on  a single system.  This
makes  it much easier  to manage cases  where the system  image must be
switched or  replicated to  a system  with a  different serial  number.
This would  include cases for capacity backup  (CBU), disaster recovery
(DR), high availability (HA), or live partition mobility (LPM).

Supplemental  licenses  can  be  installed  in  addition  to  the  base
license for  a  system.   The base  license  is created  either  during
install or  with CHGTAAKEY.   Its serial number  must match  the system
at  that  time.   Supplemental  licenses  are  installed  on that  same
system and can  reference other  serial numbers.   If  a license  check
fails for the base license, the supplemental licenses are checked.

The base license  resides in the  TAATOOL/TAALICENSE data area.   There
can  be  up to  9  supplemental licenses  in  TAATOOL named  TAALIC_001
through  TAALIC_009.    You  create a  supplemental  license  using the
CHGTAAKEY command as follows:


This creates a supplemental license in TAALIC_001.

When the additional system  is used, the base license  and supplemental
licenses  are  available since  they ve  been  replicated or  switched.
The  base license check  will fail, but the  supplemental license check
will succeed.  This will be entirely transparent to you.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   KEY           The key  obtained  from  the  TAA  Productivity  Tools
                 owner  for  this  system,  tier, and  IBM  i  release.
                 This   is  optional  if   running  interactively,  but
                 required in batch.  Embedded blanks are ignored.

   LICENSEE      This is the  Licensee idenification  information.   Up
                 to  six  lines  of  identifying   information  may  be

                 This  will be  placed  into the  TAALICENSE  data area
                 and   will   be  shown   on  the   DSPTAALIC  command.
                 Suggested information  is  company name  and  address.
                 Other  information may  include a  technical contact's
                 name, phone, and email.

                 The  special value  *SAME  will cause  the information
                 currently in the TAALICENSE data area to to used.

   LICNBR        This is the license number  to set from the key.   You
                 can have a  base license in TAALICENSE and  up to nine
                 other  licenses (TAALIC_001 to  TAALIC_009) present on
                 a system.  The  license check will  pick a license  to
                 use based  on the QSRLNBR  system value.   This allows
                 you  to  have  a  license  for  your base  system  and
                 replicate   to  a  system   with  a  different  serial

                 The default  value *BASE will  use the  key to  modify
                 the license stored in the TAALICENSE data area.


You  cannot successfully  use CHGTAAKEY  without entering  a  valid key
provided by the owner of the TAA Productivity Tools owner.




None,  the tool is ready to  use.  Only the object  form exists on your

Object only tool

CHGTAAKEY is shipped in  object form only.   The source does not  exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools May 1, 1996

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