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Group  jobs  offer  significant productivity  advantages.    It  allows
users to  have multiple interactive jobs which  can be easily accessed.

The  TAAATNAC  program is  a simple  solution  for providing  two group
jobs.  When the  TAAATNAC is active in a  job and the attention key  is
pressed  for the  first time,  a group  job is  established.   The user
sees  the  same  display  as when  he  first  signed  on  (assuming the
routing step is QCMD).

If the  attention key  is pressed  again, the  original  job is  shown.
The  attention key  thus  becomes a  toggle to  switch  back and  forth
between  two group jobs.   The user always returns  to the display that
was active when the attention key was pressed.

Unlike system request,  a group  job does not  require another  signon.
You can have  group jobs active on each  side of a system  request job.

Unlike System  Request, the Attention key can only  be pressed when the
keyboard  is  unlocked (e.g.    the program  has  issued a  GET  to the

Setting the attention key handling program

The normal  way  you would  use  the TAAATNAC  is  to change  the  user
profile to specify the program name.  For example:


If  the profile  is not  changed, then  the SETATNPGM  command  must be


Using QCMD as the Attention Key Handling Program

The  TAAATNAC  program  uses  a  TFRGRPJOB  command  and specifies  the
initial group  program to  be QCMD.   When  QCMD is  the first  program
executed for a  job, the system performs special support.   The special
support  is the same as  if the user  had just signed  on (assuming the
routing  step  used  was  QCMD).    The  system  establishes  the   job
environment  by copying  attributes from  the  user profile  (including
the  ATNPGM  attribute)  and then  calling  the  INLPGM  program if  it
exists and/or the INLMNU menu.

Transferring of message queues

The  Group job function will  automatically transfer the message queues
that  the  system   assigns  to  the   workstation.    These  are   the
workstation message  queue and the  user message queue.   Therefore, if
you are  in 'break mode' to these message  queues, you will still be in
break mode if you transfer to a new group job.

If you have  one other  message queue that  you want to  transfer to  a
new group job,  you must modify the  code to name a  message queue with
the CHGGRPA command.




See the previous discussion on how to use the tool.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   TAAATNAC      *PGM          CLP         TAAATNAC       QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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