TAA Tools
                          TAALICENSE Data Area

The  TAALICENSE data  area  in  TAATOOL  will contain  the  information
about your license agreement.

             *                                          *
             *    You should not make any changes to    *
             *    the TAALICENSE data area. Your        *
             *    software key is based on the          *
             *    information in the data area and      *
             *    the tools will not be usable if       *
             *    the software key check routine        *
             *    is not successful.                    *
             *                                          *

When you  call for support of  the TAA Productivity Tools,  you will be
asked  for some of  the information in  the TAALICENSE data  area or to
use the DSPTAALIC command.

The information in the data area includes:

  **   Your IBM customer number.

  **   Your name and address.

  **   Serial  number  of   the  current  system.     If  you  have   a
       demonstration license, the serial number may be *NONE.

  **   Licensed software group.

       The software group  (tier) is based on your  system Model number
       and Feature Code.

  **   Expiration date.

       If  you  have a  normal  license,  the expiration  date  will be

       If a date  is specified, you  have a demonstration  license.   A
       demonstration  license  allows you  to  use  most of  the  tools
       prior  to the  expiration date.   You will  not be able  to copy
       any of  the  source from  the  TAA Archive  or  use  CRTTAATOOL.
       When the  expiration date  is passed,  you will not  be able  to
       use the tools.

  **   Version/Release/Modification.   This  is the  release  the tools
       were  installed  on  or the  release  that an  update  media was
       installed on.

       The license  agreement allows you  to run a  release of the  TAA
       Productivity  Tools  that is  down  level  from  the release  of
       i5/OS.    However, if  you  do this,  you  will not  be  able to
       receive support from the TAA Productivity Tools owner.

       To receive  support  of the  TAA  Productivity Tools,  you  must
       have a matching  release between i5/OS and  the TAA Productivity

  **   The  TAA Tools, Inc.   name,  support address, and  phone number
       are included in the data area.

  **   The last two lines of the  data area contain your software  key.
       This  is  a  unique key  for  your  serial  number  and  license

Changing of the data area

It is  possible to change  the TAALICENSE data area  with the CHGTAAKEY
command.   Prior  to executing this  command, you must  have received a
software key  from the  TAA Productivity  Tools owner.   The  CHGTAAKEY
processing will prompt you for the information.

You  should  not  use  CHGTAAKEY  unless  you  have  received  a  valid
software  key  that  is  unique  to  your  system  from  the TAA  Tools
Productivity owner.

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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