TAA Tools

Upgrading to System Release V7R1M0

DLTOBJ command

The system added a DLTOBJ command in V7R1. This caused the TAA tool and command name to be renamed to DLTOBJ2. All references to the TAA version have been changed within the TAA code and documentation to DLTOBJ2. Both commands support the basic parameters of a generic object name and an object type. Therefore in its simplest use, an existing unqualified use of DLTOBJ should work the same.

There are differences in the additional optional parameters and the TAA version supports a list for object type which if used would cause a difference. If you are using the TAA additional functions, you must change the name to DLTOBJ2.

Checking your operating system release

Begin by checking the Operating System release of your system:


Upgrading from V6R1 to V7R1

Two new functions have been added to the TAA install processing to assist in determining old versions of TAA created objects which may impact a conversion. Both functions run automatically and produce listings during the install.

Upgrading from V5R4 to V7R1

If you are upgrading from V5R4 to V7R1M0, you must be aware of the following which was required for V6R1M0.

The IBM i Operating System V6R1 and later releases require that programs contain 'creation data' necessary to re-create the program when the operating system is installed. See the more detailed later discussion of this requirement. Not all versions of the TAA Productivity Tools product meet this criteria. Other vendor and user programs may also not meet this criteria.

If you need to contact the TAA Productivity Tools owner, call 507-285-5182 or send an E-mail to support@taatool.com.

Checking your programs and vendor programs

When you upgrade from V5R4, any program type object (*PGM, *MODULE, *SRVPGM, and *SQLPKG) must be re-created from 'creation data' to the V7R1 version of the object code.

All program type objects created on or after V5R1 always have creation data. Using the CHGPGM/CHGMOD/CHGSRVPGM RMVOBS parameter typically removes the debug capability of a program, but retains the creation information that will allow the system to re-create the program. For example, CHGPGM RMVOBS(*ALL) will remove the debug capability, but retains 'creation data'. The system does not allow 'creation data' to be removed by a CHG command. Re-creation will happen automatically at the time of install and no user action is required.

Any program type object that was created prior to V5R1 and does not have 'creation data' must be re-created on your current release before attempting to restore onto V7R1.

You can check individual objects with the following commands.

The system has an ANZOBJCVN command that can be acquired via PTF if it is not already on your system. A RedBook describes what conversion is required and the use of ANZOBJCVN. A PDF of the RedBook is available at: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp4293.html?Open

The TAA Productivity Tools also support the CHKMINRLS and FIXMINRLS commands that allow you to determine what programs will cause a problem and to fix those that have the source used to create the objects. These commands are available as of the Sept 1, 2007 version, but an important fix for ILE programs was added in the Jan 1, 2008 version.

You may run CHKMINRLS by library or against all user libraries. If you have IASPs, they should be varied online. If you run against all user libraries, you would normally submit the following command:


The objects that will not convert properly to V6R1 or V7R1 will be flagged. Additional flagging occurs for those objects that do not have source where the objects were originally created from. All *SQLPKG objects are flagged and you must consider them individually.

If many of your objects that will not convert properly still have the source in the same member that created the object, the FIXMINRLS command can be run. If you have IASPs, they should be varied online.


This will attempt to re-create the required objects. Running the command by library rather than LIB(*ALLUSR) may be desirable to help control the process. The internal TAA RPLxxx commands will access the file/libraries that are used in the objects and temporarily add the libraries to the library list before re-creating the objects.

Objects without source or those that cannot be re-created will be flagged.

Neither CHKMINRLS or FIXMINRLS will report on objects in the TAATOOL library as all objects are ready.

CHKMINRLS may be used as often as necessary to ensure that all objects are ready.