TAA Tools

TAA Productivity Tools

Refresh Date: Aug 15, 2019
Refresh Number: 70
Applies to IBM i Releases 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4


Please make sure you have the following PTFs or their supersedes installed on your system. These correct IBM problems that may cause an install failure. The problem was reported as APAR SE66239.

R710 SI63541 (if installing R68 or earlier)
R720 SI63531
R730 SI63540

In addition the following PTF is required on 7.3 in order for some of the authorization list tools to work properly:

R730 SI60781

No known PTFs are required for 7.4 at this time.

7.1 Support

Refresh 68 (April 15, 2018) was the last refresh for IBM i 7.1. Fixes to 7.1 tools will continue to be made on an “as needed” basis until April 30, 2021.


You should use the installation process and not attempt to save the TAATOOL and TAASECURE libraries from one system and restore to another system or even another partition on the same system.

If the tools do not already exist on your system, you will need both *SECADM and *ALLOBJ special authorities to do the initial install. If they do exist, then you could also do an install if you are on the TAAINSTALL authorization list with *USE authority.


The TAA Productivity Tools are licensed to a specific serial number and software tier. You may install the TAA Productivity Tools on an unlicensed system for a maximum of seven days. After this you will need a demo license or a full license. Keys for either may be obtained by contacting TAA Tools support.

You should not attempt to install the TAA Productivity Tools unless you have at least 2 GB of free space on your system. If you have less than 2 GB of free space, see the section later in this document. After the install is completed, the TAA Productivity Tools require approximately 600 MB.

The TAATOOL objects are shipped in a compressed form. The size of the TAATOOL library will increase as you use the objects.

The TAA Archive is standard and contains a compressed version of all of the source. If you have a full license, you may display or ‘copy out’ any of the source. After installing, see the CPYTAA, CPYTAA2, or CPYTAAALL commands to ‘copy out’ the source.

If you have changed the defaults for the system RSTLIB command in QSYS, you must change back to the system defaults.


You can contact support by emailing support or calling 507-258-5182. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


Full documentation for all tools is available on our web site: https://taatool.com/.

After installation, all documentation for the TAA Tools is available within the tool itself. Use the WRKTAA command to see the tool documentation. Use the HELPTAA command to view all of the “How To” documentation for the tools.

Installing from a physical CD

TAA Productivity Tools installation can be done by physical CD or by CD image. This article explains how to install from a physical CD. See these instructions to install from a CD image.

Set up your environment

Make sure that you can restore all of the objects including authorization lists. To do this you will need to set the system value QALWOBJRST to *ALL.


If the value is not *ALL, record the current value and temporarily change it so the install can proceed.


Either the CD or equivalent CD image can be used to install the TAA Productivity Tools (TAATOOL) on IBM i. If you are installing from a CD image see these instructions. This will describe how to download the CD image file and create an image catalog from which you can install.

If you want to install the product on a remote system and you have a physical CD, you will also want to use these instructions and create a CD image and image catalog from a physical CD.

To install the TAA Productivity Tools, do one of the following options:

The install process will display a series of prompt screens with help text and options. You may access more text about the product by using function keys. You may specify options such as whether to have a separate command library.

The install work is done by the TAAINSTALL job that is submitted to batch. You may specify when the batch job is to run. It takes about 20 minutes to install the product on a dedicated small system.

Installing the product will first delete the existing tools. You should ensure that no user is using a tool during the batch installation.

If the TAA Productivity Tools are successfully installed, the install libraries TAAINS, TAAINSLIC, and TAAINS2 are automatically deleted.

Installing if you have less than 2 GB of free storage

Enter the following command to determine the state of any existing install. You can gain some space to do new install by working with this existing install.


Depending on the results of this command you can do one of the following.

If you need to free up more space to reach the 2 GB value, you may need to save some of your objects, delete the space that was used and then restore them after the TAA Productivity Tools are installed.