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The TAA Productivity Tools is a suite of commands and utilities that complement and enhance the IBM i, the world's best midrange platform. These high-quality tools help you control and manage your system, programs, and data.

The TAA Productivity Tools is a two-time winner of the Midrange Technology Showcase Product Excellence Award.

Here you will find information about the tools, details on the latest enhancements, individual tool documentation, and much more. Take the time to explore!

Our April 15, 2020 refresh (R71) is now available.

This refresh includes the following:

This refresh supports IBM i 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. Ordering the refresh is recommended in order to keep your tools up to date. Refresh 68 (April 15, 2018) was the last full refresh for IBM i 7.1 since that release is now out of service. You may still download that refresh. We will continue to support the 7.1 tools with fixes as needed until April 30, 2021.

Please make sure you have the following PTFs or their supersedes installed on your system. These correct IBM problems that may cause an install failure. The problem was reported as APAR SE66239.

In our testing for IBM i 7.3 we found an operating system problem that affected the CVTAUTLOBJ, CVTAUTLOBJ2, and DSPEMTAUTL commands. IBM has released a PTF to fix this problem. Please apply this PTF before installing this refresh on IBM i 7.3.

Call 507-258-5182 or email support@taatool.com to order your refresh. We can either email you a download link or ship it to you on CD.


What is the issue?

On May 17, 2020, TAA Tools found an issue with the DLTUSRPRF3 tool.

Delete User Profile 3 is a system maintenance tool that will delete a user profile, delete spooled files owned by the user, list the job descriptions and scheduled job entries where the user is named, and transfer objects owned by the user to another named user on the system. When the tool is used to transfer owned objects, it’s been discovered those objects may be incorrectly deleted. The issue only arises when the OWNOBJ parameter is set to a user profile. For example:


How long has the issue been present?

The issue was reported to us on May 17, 2020. The DLTUSRPRF3 command was first shipped in our May 15, 2008 refresh. The defect was introduced in February 2013. No other TAA Tools are affected.

Is a fix available?

Yes. A new version of the tool is available on its download page.

What should TAA Tools users do?

If you are running a refresh dated 2013 or later, the DLTUSRPRF3 command should be deleted from your system(s) or fixed. You can check the refresh date of your tools using the DSPTAALIC command.

To delete DLTUSRPRF3, do the following:


To fix DLTUSRPRF3, follow the instructions on the download page.

TAA Tools apologizes for this issue. TAA Tools does extensive testing on all tools and fixes — quality and customer satisfaction are always a top priority.

Thank you. Please contact us with any questions at TAA Tools Support support@taatool.com.

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